Favourite finds from Etsy

Favourite Etsy Home Accessories Finds

*All the links in this post are affiliate links*

I feel like the blog is going through lots of firsts right now. As I announced last week, I have my first contributor on board (my younger brother Barney) and we have also tried some exciting new giveaway posts recently. I’m in a period of experimentation right now and I want to try out some new things here on The Design Sheppard.

One of those things is something I have ummed and aahhhed about for a long time now as I didn’t know how it would go down with you guys, the readers, and your opinion really matters to me. But I figure that you obviously like the things I feature here on the blog or you wouldn’t keep coming back so I don’t really think this is as scary a step as I first thought, and the most important thing is that I am open and transparent about it.

So what exactly am I waffling on about? Well, I’ve decided to team up with Etsy for a series of affiliate posts. I was contacted by Etsy a while back and asked if I would be interested in curating a list of my favourite finds on the site. I actually love exploring Etsy and there are some fantastic little shops on there if you have the patience to seek them out, so I was happy to find my favourite sellers and give them the support and promotion that they deserve.

So in this first post I am going to highlight some of my favourite Etsy sellers that make and sell gorgeous home accessories.

Shade on Shape Etsy Seller

First up is Shade on Shape, a fantastic little shop run by Sonia Jaks who is based in Posen in Poland. Sonia creates the most beautiful objects of home decor including wooden and ceramic vases and candle holders. What I love most about them is not only the muted pastel hues that are perfectly on trend right now, but also the geometric element that is incorporated into some of the products, another trend that we have seen lots of recently. These products make my heart swoon!

Boxwoodtree Terrariums

Second on my list is boxwoodtree, a fab shop owned by Inna Shultays, who is based in Rostov-on-Don in Russia and who sells quirky little glass terrariums. Now I myself am the least green fingered person I know and any living flowers or plants I bring home are sadly condemned to an almost immediate death sentence. The only plants that appear to be hardy enough to survive in my home are cacti and dracaena marginata. So I would love one of these for my cacti!

Saddle Shoe Signs vintage inspired marquee lights

Fourth on my list is Saddle Shoe Signs, a shop selling vintage-inspired marquee lights. These typographic signs would look fantastic lighting up a living room and they are fully customizable so you can choose one in whatever colour you want and they can be combined to spell whatever you like whether that be your initials, or the words Home, Laugh, Dine, Love etc. I think these would bring some real sparkle and glamour into the home!

iLovePillow printed cushions

The final of my five picks is a shop called I Love Pillow which is run by Yaya Zhang and features some really quirky, if not a little crazy, printed cushions. Some of the illustrations used on the cushions are just adorable and I’m already a big fan the animal themed cushions and the beloved couple (bottom left).

So there you have it! My favourite home accessory finds from Etsy. As I mentioned I want to be completely transparent about this so I want to emphasize that this is an affiliate post so if you click through from my blog, land in any of these shops and proceed to buy any of the products, I will receive a small commission. But I would like to stress that all these products have been hand-picked by me purely because I love them and I hope you will too!

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