The Kiss Rug by Sonya Winner

The kiss Orange Rug Sonya Winner cut out HR

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Do you celebrate Valentine’s day? My husband and I tend not to only because it seems silly to celebrate your love for one another on one particular day. Love should be something you celebrate all year round don’t you think? Anyway, to give today’s post a romantic feel, I wanted to share the beautiful Kiss rug and matching cushions by Sonya Winner. Featuring a couple kissing, these vibrant abstract designs are perfect for spreading the love this Valentine’s day.

Aqua Kiss contemporary rug Sonya Winner LHRThe Kiss, as it is aptly named, uses the Matisse inspired collage technique of “painting with scissors” as well as colour blocking. It is available in two colour variations: The Kiss Passion and The Kiss Tender.  The designer rugs are hand tufted in pure New Zealand wool by Good Weave artisan weavers and can be used all over the house. You could even use them to transform your space by using them as a wall hanging instead. They come in five standard sizes and can also be made in custom sizes over 5 sqm / 55 sq ft.

The kiss cushion set by Sonya Winner Orange

The collection also features a beautiful set of three cushions which are handmade in the UK from faux suede. The design mirrors that of the rug, featuring a close-up crop of the lovers’ lips, each cushion focusing more closely than the last. The cushions can be used alone to add a pop of colour to your room or can be used with the rug to enhance the abstract, contemporary feel of the space.

Sonya Winner Kiss Cushion Teal

Sonya Winner The Kiss Rug orange

Sonya Winner The Kiss Rug Tourquoise


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