Limited Edition Union Jack Bin from Brabantia

Limited Edition Union Jack Bin from Brabantia

 Recently, I have posted a few products that have had a very British theme due to the upcoming celebrations of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. What with that and of course the Olympics that will be taking place in London this July, there is a distinct feeling of patriotism that is bubbling up to the surface and this is being reflected in our home interiors.

Brabantia has now jumped on the bandwagon and has launched this limited edition 30 litre dustbin, which features one of the most powerful national symbols in the world in retail, fashion and iconic design. The Union Jack bin combines top performance with cutting edge functionality whilst still making an impressive statement.

30 litre Union Jack Brabantia bin

The bin also features the brand new high-tech MotionControl Whisper lid where the lid opens with just a light pedal tap and closes smooth and silently. When opened by hand the lid stays open, which is particularly handy with larger volumes of waste or when changing the buckets.

What do you think? Is this patriotic bin something you would consider investing in?

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  • Great post! I used some products from the fabulous Home Barn for my shoot last week. They were fantastic at sending the products out with hardly any notice and all the items were gorgeous! I will definitely be writing about them soon.xx

  • Oh dear, and it’s only February….. I fear there is far more to come.

    I think I will be confining union jacks to the bunting for our jubilee street party. Even the most hardened pro-republicans amongst our neighbours (my other half included) suprised themselves at how much they enjoyed our royal wedding party last year so I must admit I am looking forward to further celebrations.

    • Any excuse for a good old British street party huh? I must admit I do quite like all these patriotic products, but only in moderation. A statement piece here and there looks great but definitely shouldn’t over do it!