Metal & Concrete Designer Door Handles

Bullet & Stone collection of designer door handles from Designer Doorware

Door handles are one of those home interior topics that I have always deemed to be someone boring. A necessity, but not particularly something that brings joy. I’d probably have put them in the same category as radiators and skirting boards.

As you know, since writing this blog I have discovered that even the most functional and practical objects, that may at first appear to bring very little aesthetic value, can indeed end up stealing the show. And that is exactly what these door handles will do.

Bullet and Stone is a range of metal and concrete designer door handles from Designer Doorware, the award-winning, Melbourne-based provider of contemporary architectural hardware. The company was founded in 1996 and is now a sought-after resource for leading architects, designers, builders, and homeowners worldwide.

Bullet & Stone designer door handles made from metal and concrete

The Bullet & Stone Collections features lever handles and knobs and combines the rough and cold aesthetic of reinforced concrete with sumptuous and eye-catching metal finishes ranging from satin black chrome to polished nickel to Florentine bronze in a medium or dark tone.

“The look and feel of concrete is enduring in architecture, and the Bullet+Stone collection offers an update on this timeless classic by melding the cool, raw material with warm, luxurious metals. The resulting sculptural pieces allow designers and consumers to explore new realms of design.”

Joseph Di Benedetto, Executive Director, Designer Doorware
Designer door handles made from concrete and metal from Designer Doorware's Bullet & Stone collection

Another item in the range of designer door handles is called Carmen and is a custom design. It is a premium 100% Italian-made Terrazzo door handle made from a designer blend of chips of marble, quartz, granite and other materials.

So what do you think of these designer door handles? Would you consider opting for something a bit more unusual in your home? I would love to have the Bullet & Stone collection in my home.

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