Towel Collection by Lindsey Lang

Scallop towels in blue by Lindsey Lang

Hello dear readers! Long time no speak! I’m so sorry for having abandoned you for the past few weeks with no prior warning. Unfortunately, I have been suffering from a little blogger burnout and needed to take a break to recharge my batteries and remind myself what it is I love about blogging. Sometimes it’s easy to get so far into the posting schedules, planning, collaborations, endless emails etc that it all becomes a bit too much and before you know it you no longer relish the opportunity to get your laptop out at night and create more content. Blogging is a hobby for me and it doesn’t pay the bills so it’s important that I enjoy it, otherwise what is the point. When it all starts to feel a bit full on I like to just take a short break and enjoy life a little offline with no guilt about missed posts. I hope you will forgive me for going AWOL and next time I will try to give you a little heads up so you don’t end up wondering where on earth I’ve disappeared to. Anyway, now that I’m back I wanted to share this little gem with you all. Now I never thought it was possible to get excited about towels. I mean they’re not exactly the the most interesting of household accessories are they? But this new towel collection by Lindsey Lang is a little bit special. Bright colours and geometric patterns really make this collection sing and it’s just perfect for refreshing your bathroom this Spring! They are definitely on my lust list! What do you think?

Leaf towels in red by Lindsey Lang

Leaf towels in granite by Lindsey Lang

Scallop towels in Yellow by Lindsey Lang

Scallop towels by Lindsey Lang

Hand Towels by Lindsey Lang

Grey Towels by Lindsey Lang

Scallop towels in Yellow by Lindsey Lang

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