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Søstrene Grene Spring 2018 Collection

This post is the second post in my new series Where to Shop where I introduce you to some of my favourite homeware retailers. The first post featured Oliver Bonas and in today’s post I want to tell you all about a Danish retail chain called Søstrene Grene. The story of Søstrene Grene began in 1973 in Aarhus, Denmark. It was founded by two elderly sisters, Anna and Clara Grene, who have created a chain of retail stores that can be found across Western Europe and in Japan.

I must admit that I have never been into a store as there are only two in England and these are in Nottingham and Chester which is a bit too far for me to travel. However, Anna and Clara have allegedly created each store to have a spacial atmosphere like that of an oasis that provides a refuge from the hectic pace of every day life.

Søstrene Grene sells interior accessories, stationery, gift wrapping, crafts, kitchen goods and toys for children and the brand has a strong focus on family values. Every week the stores receive new products and many of the products are only sold for a short time. However, there is a core product range which is permanently available.

When I first discovered Søstrene Grene I was blown away not only by how great the products looked, but also by the price point. The products look like such great value and if I lived closer to a store I would definitely be a regular customer. I was very disappointed to learn that you cannot order online and have products delivered to your home. This is a huge downside to Søstrene Grene and I did wonder if there was any point sharing this store with you, but I figured at least some of you may live near the northern stores or may visit one day.



With a curious and creative mind, even the smallest things can become something wonderful.

Anna Grene, Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene Spring 2018 Collection


1. Vase, available in three colours £8.28
2. Tray ø33cm, £11.34
3. Vase, £5.58
4. Basket, £19.98
5. Mirror ø60cm, £13.60
6. Floor cushion, available in five colours ø50cm, £30.90
7. Jewellery box, available in five colours, ø9.5cm, £6.04
8. Bench, available in four colours, £64.90
9. Side table, available in three colours, £36.20

As mentioned above, many of the products are only in store for a limited time so I cannot guarantee that any of these products will still be on sale if you do visit the store. However, I merely wanted to show you what kind of products are on offer and at what price point. But I think you’ll agree that there are some real bargains to be had at Søstrene Grene. You may also want to check out the new outdoor living range that launched just this month.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever visited a store and, if so, what you thought of the product offering. Is it good quality for the price? And if, like me, you’ve never been, would you like to visit the store having seen this post? Let me know in the comments guys!

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  • It’s such a shame they don’t do online ordering, they must be missing a huge amount of custom. The items you’ve shown on this post are well designed and the prices are a lot less than comparable brands. I would definitely have ordered from them if it was available, but as I live too far away, I’m just one potential customer they’re missing out on. I can’t believe how short sighted they are!

    • I know Julia, it’s hugely disappointing. When I first discovered them I had many products that I was intending to buy but when I saw there was no option to order online I couldn’t quite believe it. I think I even emailed to enquire if it was really true. Such a shame for those of us who live too far away.