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Rattan shelving unit from Spicer & Wood

Rattan Shelf Unit from Spicer & Wood

For years and years, I dreaded being asked the question “What is your design style?” when I took part in interviews. Why? Because I didn’t have a clue. I started this blog because I love interiors and I love writing. But it has also been a journey of self-discovery that has allowed me, slowly over the years, to sort the data, to work out what I do like and what I don’t like. But on this journey, I also worked out that just because I like something, or appreciate it based on its design merits, doesn’t necessarily mean I want it in my own home.

I always felt like my blog didn’t have a USP that set it apart from everyone else. I saw blogs that focussed on DIY, some on Scandi design, some on Mid-Century Modern design, some on large scale renovations and some on upcycling. But mine didn’t really have that niche. I’ve always seen my blog more like a magazine where I feature all the products, trends, designers, projects, places etc that I discover and that speak to me in some way.

But there isn’t necessarily anything that ties those things together, other than an overarching feeling of merit or worthiness. There is something unexpected about them or a great back story or new techniques, materials or a specific mission or values.

Slowly but surely though I am figuring out what my personal design style is. Interestingly, I have discovered that it isn’t static. It changes. It changes with the seasons, as I discover new trends, as I get to new stages of my life and as I get sick of stuff. My design style is transitory. And that is what makes it interesting. But as I’ve gone further along this journey I have realised that I need to focus on what makes me feel good. Design is about emotion as much as it is about functionality and aesthetics and for me, something should feel emotionally satisfying to own. Otherwise, what is the point?

Recently, for me, it’s all about biophilic design, plants, earthy colour palettes, natural materials and texture. All these things really bring emotional value and support to my life. They make my home somewhere I want to spend time, particularly in these strange times.

I’ve recently discovered the most amazing homewares brand on Instagram and I have no idea how I didn’t know about them before. Spicer & Wood is based in Stoke Newington and the online store was founded in 2017. It features a carefully curated selection of decorative accessories, kitchen accessories, glassware, tableware and textiles. The selection clearly demonstrates a love for natural materials, California, Mid-Century style and the great outdoors.

This is my dream homewares store and I’ve pinned practically everything already. My Christmas wishlist is full to bursting and I would be more than happy to fill my shelves and surfaces with these pieces. I’ve got a particular soft spot for the stoneware statues, which are mostly sold out right now unsurprisingly.

Rattan bedside table from Spicer & Wood

Below, I have rounded up some of my favourite products from Spicer & Wood. I’d love to know what you think of the selection and whether these products make your heart sing too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

A moodboard of earthy homewares from Spicer & Wood


  1. Shaggy Embroidered Cushion Old Rose, £48
  2. Ceramic Shell Vase Small, £16
  3. Small Grey Green Ribbed Glass Vase, £20
  4. Mustard Yellow Face Wall Ornament, £30
  5. Sand Stoneware Pot with Two Handles, £32
  6. White Face Wall Ornament, £40
  7. Terracotta Clay Bottle Vase with Two Handles, £34
  8. Block Bordeaux and Coral Cushion, £58
  9. Water Hyacinth Tray with Handles, £35
  10. Terracotta Ribbed Base Vase, £30

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  • Oooh, I love Spicer and Wood, and you’ve picked out some great products Stacey. And I agree, I think for most people their ‘style’ is transitory, as we discover new influences, are exposed to different cultures, as we age and adapt and grow. I think that’s the beauty of making a house a home; it evolves over time to carry different memories and stages of your life. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think it might be a bit boring to have defined your style right from the start, and never veer from it..