Interview: Designer Remigiusz Laskowski

Calvado Headboard

I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know Renata of Muslavi Gallery, the sole UK distributor of the furniture and homewares designed and produced by the Polish company Laskowscy Design.

I blogged about their products some time ago and I now have the good fortune to be the proud owner of my very own butterfly hanger…I just couldn’t resist, they are so pretty.

I wanted to know more about the company and the products so what better way to do this than to interview the man behind the designs, Remigiusz Laskowski.

Butterfly Maxi Hanger

How did you first become interested in design?

I always loved art. I enjoyed painting and making sculptures while I was at college. Then I got involved with graphic design at university and through working for many large companies while studying and afterwards. I designed adverts for them, designed their products, packaging, logos, etc.

That was not, however, work in which I could  fully demonstrate my skills as an artist designer. The whole time all I could think about was creating a product which could simultaneously be a work of art and useful in everyday life. So that was the beginning of the Laskowscy Design collection.

Folk Wall Clock

When did you decide to set up Laskowscy Design and work for yourself?

The decision was made about five months before launching the website. At the same time I created hundreds of sketches and finally, the first prototypes of coffee tables, which are our flagship product, and also shelves.

At the end of 2008 Laskowscy Design was born and in 2009 we launched a website with an on-line shop. My previous experience in the field of graphic design has been very helpful because I created and designed the graphics for our site. Also the photographs shown are my own work too.

Ikebana Mirror

Where do you get inspiration for your products?

As you can see many of the products are inspired by nature and some are inspired by the current trend for folk.

How and where are your products made?

I design each product then I drive with a project to the local workshop to manufacture the prototype. I check if I am happy with the result and if there is anything I can improve or change. If I am happy then the product is added to our collection.

Remigiusz in the factory

Most of them are made to order as the colour of our tables or mirrors can be customized. Sometimes even the size.

One of the local workshops crafts the design in steel with a laser. Another stage is to make sure the product is smooth and ready for powder coating. That is taking place in another workshop where the coating is also polished to perfection.

All of our hangers are hand shaped. That cannot be created on any machine, so it is my job to do it.

Summer Shelf Hanger

Who are your products aimed at?

Our customers are mainly people between 30-40 years of age who love and appreciate art, mostly professionals. Often, our products are for modern interiors. Our customers are definitely people who always like to make a right decision before buying our products.

Remigiusz works on the prototype got the new lamp range

What does the future hold for Laskowscy Design?

Currently I am looking for new, sustainable and plastic materials and technologies, so I will be able to create new ideas. Soon our collection will extend to lighting products, which we have been working on for a long time. I think we will eventually also introduce completely different product categories, which I hope will be a positive surprise.


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