Dwiss Sustainable Plywood Recycling Bin

dwiss sustainable plywood recycling bin

I’ve written about quite a few nice bins here before and I believe that there is a bit of a revolution going on in the dustbin world. Not so long ago bins were purely functional receptacles for storing our refuse. The all looked pretty similar and there was nothing really remarkable about them. As soon as recycling became a national objective, we saw the proliferation of bins that had a much more design-led approach. Bins became multi-functional and now have to work much harder to sort and store our rubbish. But they also look damn good!!

Check out this beauty of a bin. Dwiss is the most elegant recycling bin I have ever come across. It is hand crafted from sustainably sourced beech plywood and helps to make recycling quick, easy. It provides a huge 80 litres of capacity despite its reasonably streamlined size so the average family will only have to empty it about once a week.

dwiss sustainable plywood recycling bin

The Dwiss recycling bin houses four large compartments to accommodate all your waste and recycling needs. One of the upper compartments can be lined with a bin bag for non-recyclables, and the other has a removable tub that can be taken to where you need it. The two lower compartments can be easily removed and carried in one hand when emptying.

dwiss sustainable plywood recycling bin

But what I really like about the Dwiss recycling bin is the fact that it is helping to shift our attitudes with regards to the use of our natural resources and the sustainability credentials of the products that we purchase. This really ties in with my last post about smarter material choices. The sustainable beech plywood is durable and can be recycled and used as a fuel to produce electricity. The frame and its compartments have been designed in such a way that material use has been kept to a minimum. The innovative design has also eliminated the need for mechanical parts that could fail. It can be easily repaired should wear and tear become an issue after prolonged use.

dwiss sustainable plywood recycling bin

Dwiss, the company, was founded by Jon Walker who ecological, social and economic value of recycling and decided that there was a distinct gap in the market for a recycling bin that worked well, looked good and was itself sustainable. Well Jon, I think you nailed it!

dwiss sustainable plywood recycling bin founder Jon Walker

What do you guys think? Is this the most elegant recycling bin you’ve ever seen? Do you also like the sustainability credentials it has? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Me parece perfecta la papelera para reciclar. ¿Cómo lo puedo conseguir?
    ¿Cuál es el precio y las medidas?

  • How brilliant is it that waste products are starting to put more thought into design? We can’t be expected to put recycling at the forefront if it’s locked away somewhere or shoved outside. Puts it front and center which I’m all on board for!

    • Exactly Karen. The dwiss is designed to be a statement about the positive effects of recycling and designing for the circular economy. It’s also meant to act as a catalyst, gently challenging existing mindsets about design and materials used with a view to expanding a more sustainable view to all the products that we use in day to day life.

  • Never thought I’d find myself going off on one over a bin but my goodness it’s beautiful – the curves, the plywood – the functionality. We’ve got a brilliant dual compartment recycler and it has completely changed the ease of use in terms of recycling (which we do a lot) but I love the four compartments here.

    • Hi Tiffany. I’m glad you like the dwiss, thank you for your comments. How come you went for a two compartment recycling bin?

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