IKEA TORHAMN Kitchen Cabinet Door Fronts

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA

I’m a big fan of IKEA, especially when it comes to kitchens. I’m basing this purely on aesthetics and functionality as I have never had or experienced an IKEA kitchen myself. I just love the way they look and the way they are designed to make the very best use of every available bit of space. Living in the UK, where our homes have the smallest floor space of any European country at just 76m2 for the average new build, space is definitely at a premium. I’m always amazed by the genius space saving designs that I see at IKEA and I’d love to replicate some of them in my own home, especially in my tiny kitchen. Anyway, I’m getting off track here, this isn’t a post about tiny kitchens or space saving designs. It’s a post about how fricking gorgeous the TORHAMN kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA are. I’ve had these on file since this time last year so I thought it was about time I shared the gorgeousness with you lovely lot. 

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA

The TORHAMN doors are made from particle board, stain resistant ash veneer and a protective coat of acrylic lacquer. Each door is unique, with varying grain patterns and shifts in colour that highlight the natural charm of wood. It brings the feeling of tradition, quality and handmade craftsmanship to your kitchen. And it has a real Scandi vibe to it.

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA

When I designed TORHAMN I wanted to create a kitchen with a strong traditional connection. I was inspired by the Shaker style, which combines functionality with simple straightforward design and handmade craftsmanship. I used solid wood frames and ash veneer for the doors and accented them with forged handles. I also designed a glass door and FALSTERBO wall shelf and wall rail with hooks. Now you can create a complete kitchen with a sense of warmth, tradition and timeless high quality.

Designer Mikael Axelsson

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA

Isn’t it just beautiful? I would love to have this kitchen in my own home. It just looks so natural and far more exclusive than an IKEA kitchen. What do you reckon? I’d love to hear from anyone who has an IKEA kitchen. What were your experiences of fitting it and how is it to live with?

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts & FALSTERBO wall unit from IKEA

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts & FALSTERBO wall rail from IKEA

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts & Satsuma plant stand from IKEA

TORHAMN Kitchen cabinet door fronts from IKEA

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  • Don’t do it. They yellow. We have had ours for about 4 years and at first I loved them so much. But than we had to replace a door front and it was night and day the difference. The new one is beautiful the old fronts are yellow. Ikea won’t cover this under warranty and now my kitchen has 2 different colors.

  • I love that kitchen! We’re about to install our Torhamn kitchen this month and we’re so excited. Would you know the name of that black kitchen rack by any chance? I was not able to find it on Ikea’s website.
    Thanks for sharing this article, this is a really beautiful blog!

  • Really gorgeous kitchen, cabinets but also overall styling. I am considering these cabinets for our kitchen, but the finish on them seems much more ash/blond/warm than what you have here. Did you stain them at all? If so….how? :) Far prefer your finish to what seems to be the standard.

    • Hi Tanya, glad you love the kitchen. The images you see here aren’t my own kitchen though. These are the press pictures released by IKEA. It may just be the lighting that has made the wood look darker?

  • I just installed Torhanm ikea cabinets. Do you have gaps between doors? I can make the doors close more, but then the base section cabinet parts showing.

  • we love these cabinets, but don’t like the metal in the glass. do you think it’s at all possible to replace the glass with just clear glass? I know Ikea doesn’t offer a choice, but we thought of buying and replacing ourselves.

  • Thanks for sharing a great blog. I am really impressed with the way of representing the information. The pictures are very impressive. It is very much important to choose the perfect cabinet front door. To enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

  • My brother had an IKEA kitchen fitted in his old house and it was brilliant. They always have lots of thoughtful and functional storage options that other kitchen manufacturers seem to ignore. I love the unique finished one the TORHAMN doors.

  • I totally agree, IKEA always seem to have such functional yet stylish looking offerings and I love how customisable they are! This one is lovely x

  • it looks amazing! Have always loved IKEA kitchens. We had to get our kitchen sorted in a hurry as part of our extension building works so didn’t get a chance to take time to choose properly – otherwise ikea would have been high on my list! x