Mini kitchen in a drawer

Kitchen in a drawer

Submitted by South Korean design student Nojae Park as part of the Electrolux Design Lab 2009 competition, this concept design is ideal for those who have hectic work days and often take lunch at their desks in front of their computers.

Drawer Kitchen combines an eating surface, fridge, hot plate and dish drawer in a space which is about the same  size as a filing cabinet. This small and compact appliance could easily slip under your desk in your office or in a small space in a studio apartment.

The design was one of nine finalist chosen from 600 entries. Park said: “I got the idea from looking at the small living spaces in Tokyo and at how much time people spend at their desks when they are at home. A lot of people live in one-room flats. They go out early in the morning and come back late at night and rarely eat a meal in the house. If they do, it’ll be a simple one.”

Drawer Kitchen looks like a simple filing cabinet when closed

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