Kitchens with a hidden secret

I received a press release in November about this fabulous company called The Secret Drawer. I fell in love with the idea immediately and meant to write a little piece on here about it but what with deadlines and Christmas it totally slipped my mind.

Based in Yorkshire in the UK, The Secret Drawer is owned by Richard Mason, an award-winning cabinet-maker and designer who values true craftsmanship and prides himself on doing all his drawings by hand in pencil in preference to CAD.  “It’s very rare these days,” he explains “and yet our customers really appreciate it.  It reflects the individuality of both the customer’s project and our business.”

The Secret Draw produces unique handmade kitchens, bedrooms and pieces of furniture in an array of different woods and paint finishes. The timber arrives complete with bark and the Secret Drawer customers can enjoy seeing it in its most natural form, knots and all, before it is planed and crafted into their furniture.

But what is really special about the products is the secret contained within them. Imagine commissioning a product and then discovering years later there was more to it than first you thought.

As unbelievable as it may seem, the current record for a hidden drawer to remain undiscovered by the customer in a kitchen built by the Yorkshire craftsmen at The Secret Drawer is three years.

In fact, so secret are the secret drawers built into the furniture that even Richard has a hard job finding them.

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