Kohler’s Colourful Sink Collection by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler Annapolis Navy on DemiLav for Kohler
Jonathan Adler Annapolis Navy on DemiLav for Kohler

It’s Friday so I’m pretty sure you won’t need much cheering up, but just in case you need your day brightening a little I thought I would share these gloriously colourful designs from Jonathan Adler. Working in collaboration with kitchen and bath industry leader, Kohler Co. Adler has created the Kohler Colours Collection, which is available on three different kitchen sink styles in four fresh, original and bold colours: Piccadilly Yellow, Greenwich Green, Palermo Blue, and Annapolis Navy.

Johnathan Adler Colours Collection for Kohler

According to Kohler, the company’s unabashed love of colour is the reason that they partnered with designer (and colour fanatic) Jonathan Adler. As for Adler, he says there’s nothing better than a coloured sink to bring a kitchen to life. “These colours work in just about any kitchen colour palette to add a little punch.” He recommends peppering every room in the home—including the kitchen—with little surprises and exclamation marks of colour. “It’s the surprise factor that makes colour work,” he says.

Jonathan Adler Greenwich Green on DemiLav for Kohler

Johnathan Adler Colours Collection for Kohler

Jonathan Adler Annapolis Navy on Whitehaven kitchen sink for Kohler



So I hope that has brightened your day! It certainly made me a little giddy when I first came across Kohler Colours. I absolutely love the idea of a brilliant white room featuring punchy pops of colour. How could you ever feel down in a room like that?

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    • Hi Kathy, Unfortunately, I wrote this post a number of years ago and I don’t think that Kohler are making them anymore. However, the trend for coloured sanitaryware in bathrooms has been massive in recent years so you may be able to find something similar. I’ll keep an eye out for you and email you if I find something. ;-)

  • How do I get one of these kitchen sinks? I am looking for orange/red but would jump at that yellow!

    • Hi Kirsten, I’m afraid I am not sure if they are still available to buy. This post is eight years old now and I’ve done a quick search on the Kohler website and can’t find them. Maybe you could contact Kohler directly to enquire though?

  • These colourful sinks are ace. They are refreshing to look at and brings the right pop of colour to the kitchen. I would not recommend this though to those who fancy changing the look of their kitchens every so often but do not have the budget to do an overhaul. You may want to ditch a colourful sink for colourful kitchen accessories instead.