Lust List : Designer Kitchen Equipment

Dualit Architect Toaster & Kettle Bluebelllgray

When you have a really ugly kitchen that you can’t afford to replace I think it’s pretty standard to start looking around at all the lovely kitchen accessories that you could potentially try to spruce it up with. My constant dreams of a new kitchen have me drifting back and forth between thinking there is no point investing in lovely accessories when the kitchen itself is so hideous, and going all out on accessories to make the most of a bad situation. So with that in mind Ruth and I decided to do a round up our some of the designer kitchen equipment that is currently on our lust list. We both love the Architect range of toasters and kettles by Dualit because they have removable panels that you can get in a variety of colours. So if you decide to change the colour scheme of your kitchen you can just get new panels to ensure that your small appliance still match. Recently, Dualit have collaborated with floral home decor brand Bluebellgray to introduce the wonderfully pretty and painterly edition of the panels you can see above. This gives the somewhat masculine Architect range an instantly feminine feel and makes it a perfect addition to a more cosy, country type of kitchen. And all the other products we have featured have made the list because they are either just plain beautiful or really practical. Let us know if you think there is anything we have missed!

Lust List : Kitchen Equipment


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*6 This gorgeous knife block was available from Bodie & Fou but it would appear that it is no longer available

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