New Metod Kitchen from IKEA

Black Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Now who doesn’t love IKEA? I know I do and following recent news that a new store has now been approved for Exeter I couldn’t be more excited. But I was really interested to hear about the new kitchen that the Scandinavian retail giant has launched this month. The METOD kitchen from IKEA replaces the existing FAKTUM kitchen that has proved so popular over the past 20 years and IKEA believes that this revolutionary new system will change the way that we design, plan and install our kitchens. These are bold claims indeed and the reason behind the decision to introduce this new kitchen system is the evolution of customer needs which sees us increasingly wanting to personalise our kitchens and at the same time store more in less space.

Grey Metod Kitchen by Ikea

The METOD kitchen concept will offer more layout, style and storage possibilities. The kitchen modules will now be sized in multiples of 20cm, and will hang off of an innovative wall rail, enabling them to be fitted into the smallest or tallest of spaces.

There are twenty five door fronts to provide a wider variety of looks and finishes so you don’t need to worry about having the exact same IKEA kitchen as everyone else. On top of that there are nine colour options, including white, cream, grey, oak, dark brown, black/brown, red, birch and black along with an additional four accent colours: stainless steel, red, blue and turquoise.

Basically, the METOD kitchen offers all the advantages of a bespoke designer kitchen, without the designer price tag. Great for those of us on a limited budget right?

White Metod Kitchen by Ikea

With the new kitchen system METOD, we’ve broken the ‘normal’ conventions of designing kitchens and instead we’ve created a system that gives customers unlimited choice. Truly bespoke kitchens have only previously been available through designer kitchen retailers, at designer prices. METOD will open up the opportunity for households in the UK to create a completely personalised kitchen that uses every cm of space available.

Gemma Arranz, Communication and Interior Design Manager, IKEA UK

Red Metod Kitchen by Ikea

White Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Wood & White Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Stainless Steel Metod Kitchen by Ikea

White Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Black Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Shelving detail from the Metod Kitchen by Ikea

White shelving detail from the Metod Kitchen by Ikea

Black drawer detail from the Metod Kitchen by Ikea

White cupboard detail from the Metod Kitchen by Ikea

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