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One of the things I find about being an interiors blogger is that most people tend to assume that I am an interior designer. I guess that is because most of the top interiors bloggers are interior designers or stylists. Well I’m neither. I am a writer who happens to write about interior design because that is my passion. And for a rather long time I had no idea what my own style was. Living in a rental property I was always quite limited when it came to what I could do with my home in terms of decoration so I had never really been able to create an interior scheme from scratch. So when we bought our flat and finally had free reign on the decoration I was a little shocked to find that I wasn’t really sure what my style actually was. Our kitchen is badly in need of a complete makeover, and by that I mean ripping out and starting over. But when it came to identifying what I would replace it with I just had no idea.

So obviously I turned to Pinterest for inspiration! I mean where else would you go right? And that was when something really amazing happened. I had a look at my Kitchen Inspiration board to see if there was a particular type of kitchen style or colour that I had been pinning and I was blown away. The vast majority of the kitchens I had pinned were contemporary and white, with wooden surfaces and white tiles. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I obviously have a very clear idea of how I want my future kitchen to look and I just didn’t know it. But that is the beauty of Pinterest. You simply pin images that you like over time and when you see them all together on one board you are able to see a pattern. And that is one of the main things that I love about Pinterest. It has really helped me to discover what my style actually is. You can browse my Kitchen Inspiration board below.

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How about you guys? Have you found that Pinterest has helped you to define your style? I’d love to hear more about your experience with Pinterest so please do let me know.

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