Anglepoise Type 80 Collection

I’ve written before about how Anglepoise is one of my favourite design icons and how I once had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Terry, Innovation Director at Anglepoise. So it was no surprise to me how much I fell in love with the new Anglepoise type 80 collection. What did surprise me though was just how chic and sophisticated the collection is. I actually don’t think I would even have identified the pendant or wall lights as Anglepoise.

The new, contemporary lighting collection has been designed by renowned British industrial product designer Sir Kenneth Grange, who has been Design Director of Anglepoise since 2003 and is now 90 years old.

Grange’s illustrious career includes designing for household brands like Kenwood, Parker, and Kodak but he has also designed the InterCity 125 train, the regional Royal Mail post box and the London Black Taxi.

The new Anglepoise type 80 lights have a striking, graphic profile, which is further enhanced by an attractive ‘halo’ light-escape feature in the shade. This adds an extra dimension in low light environments.

“In the history of domestic lighting there is one truly iconic element and it must surely be the conical shade, so it’s right that Anglepoise should have such a classic iconic design in their portfolio. Moreover, with every new model that we launch there is an innovation, no matter how modest. With the Type 80 the visual attraction of light spilling onto the shade outer surface aims to make the iconic even more distinguished.”

Anglepoise Type 80 wall lights

The collection includes wall, table and ceiling lights and comes in four sophisticated, ultra-matte colour choices of Rose Pink, Pistachio, Grey Mist and Matte Black. The pink is probably my favourite as I love the softness of it.

Launching in September 2019, the Anglepoise Type 80 collection will be available exclusively at and John Lewis & Partners stores nationwide. From February 2020 it will also be available at selected UK retailers and dealers.

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