Designer Light Switches by Kelly Hoppen

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Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. A matt black light switch on a grey wall above a black console table with a vase on top.

Corner – Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB

Remember the post I wrote back in October featuring the designer electrical sockets and switches by Focus SB? I was really impressed with just how good they look and I didn’t think it was possible to improve on them. But I was wrong apparently.

Focus SB announced last month that they have collaborated with Kelly Hoppen MBE on a debut collection of “wall jewellery” for the UK and China luxury hospitality and residential markets. When I first heard about this new collection of designer light switches, I really struggled to imagine how Kelly would put her stamp on such a functional element.


For those of you who know Kelly’s work already, she has a really distinctive style and her signature look is very recognisable from the neutral palettes, beautiful textures and the East meets West aesthetic. I just couldn’t imagine how she would translate this into electrical wiring accessories. But when I saw the finished result, it was really obvious and made me realise that this is exactly why I’m not a designer!

Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. A matt black light switch on a grey wall situated next to some sheer white curtains.

Dot – Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB

“Interior fittings such as light switches and plug sockets are often not considered until the end of a project, but these details can add an extra touch and shouldn’t be overlooked. The world of electrical wiring accessories is generally very conservative, but I wanted to create something that would very much be part of the overall design, introducing jewellery-like details and alternative finishes. This collaboration with Focus SB introduces a new aesthetic to electrical fittings in a way we haven’t previously seen.”

Kelly Hoppen MBE
Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. A white light switch on a grey wall beside a bed made up with crisp white bed linen.

Pinstripe – Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB

The eye-catching, cutting-edge collection came as a result of Focus SB’s attempt to really focus in on its target market and take the lead from design trend influencers who are dictating the future of modern interiors. Kelly Hoppen emerged as the obvious choice for a collaboration. Her high public profile and the fact that she is considered to be a trendsetter and pioneer of the neutral, minimalist approach to interior design were definite plus points. But the partnership also made sense due to the synergy between Kelly Hoppen’s growing business and Focus SB’s huge market in China.

Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. A silver light switch on a grey wall above a white table with a cup of black coffee on it.

Plank – Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB

Focus SB’s product development team was confident that Kelly could deliver a fresh and innovative collection, given her previous experience with product design. She has previously developed an impressive portfolio of design collaborations with companies such as Brintons carpet manufacturer, Chesneys luxury fireplaces and Crosswater bathrooms, with a dedicated team of product designers to support her.

Designer switches and sockets by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. A gold light switch on a grey wall above a black wooden chair.

Fifty Fifty – Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB

“We are all very excited about this collaboration and from the moment I first met with Kelly it was like a breath of fresh air and she was bursting with new ideas for what is a relatively conservative and mature product sector. We are delighted with the designs, they are fresh and elegant and we look forward to bringing them to life with UK and China product launches in early 2020.”

Gary Stevens, Managing Director, Focus SB

The debut collection consists of five exquisite plate styles in a range of harmonious finishes.


Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. Corner is a matt black switch plate with a gold switch and a subtle gold triangle in the bottom right-hand corner.

Corner is a clean and simple plate design that incorporates contrast and texture. The small geometric corner detail in the bottom right-hand corner explores the architecture of triangles and adds an elevated level of detail into any space.


Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. Dot is a black light switch featuring two small metallic dots at the top and bottom of the plate.

The Dot plate style brings an air of subtle luxury to the collection. Featuring four tiny dots inspired by timeless jewellery, this design provides perfect balance between old and new.


Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. Pinstripe is a matt black switch plate featuring two metallic gold pinstripes and a gold switch.

Inspired by fashion, the Pinstripe plate style exudes chic minimalism and provides an added dimension to an interior. The clean metallic parallel lines set against a matte backdrop perfectly embodies the timeless luxury of Kelly Hoppen’s signature design aesthetic.


Designer light switches by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB. Plank is a gold light switch inspired by planks of wood and featuring horizontal grooves.

Plank is Kelly’s personal favourite design from this collection and is inspired by wooden planks. The real beauty of it lies not in the contrasting materials or shades, but in the shadow details. This is a really modern plate design that will work well in contemporary homes.

Fifty Fifty

When I first saw the Fifty Fifty plate, I knew that this was my favourite in the collection. It instantly made me think of the recent interior trends for ombre walls and half-and-half walls. I thought it was a really clever way to translate those trends to light switches. The harmonious contrast of the two different finishes or colour blocks is a really subtle style statement.

In this video below, Kelly talks about the different designs and her inspiration behind them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this collection and which design is your favourite. Would you consider updating your home to include designer light switches?

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  • We are building a few homes in the South Jersey Shore in the USA. Who carries your light switches in the USA and prices please.

  • I love love love Plank. I came across this while browsing for my cloakroom. It’s a dark navy with black and white palm tree wallpaper and gold accents (probably a bit of pink). This switch would be absolutely perfect. It would never be in my budget but it’s completely lit!

  • Light switches are so easily overlooked. Usually people – me included – think that they’re not that important. But great design is all about the details, isn’t it?
    I can’t decide which is my favourite between Corner and Pinstripe. I find them both so elegant.
    Thank you for sharing this!

    Have a lovely week,