Marie Coquine Chandalier by Philippe Starck for Bacarrat

Marie Coquine chandelier by Philippe Starck for Baccarat

Rumour has it that some good weather is finally on its way. I really hope so as the thought of autumn arriving before we even get a proper dose of sun just doesn’t even bear contemplating. Surely it’s not too much to ask that we could have just a few weeks of sun?  Just enough for a few trips to the beach, a bit of al fresco dining, an opportunity to put the roof down on the car, to get the summer clothes out of storage and to sit outside of an evening with a nice cold beer. That’s all, I mean it is summer after all and that is what summer is all about, surely?

Baccarat’s Marie Coquine Chandelier by Philippe Starck

But just in case my prayers go unheard I thought I would post something to make us all smile through the showers. The Marie Coquine Chandelier designed by Philippe Starck for Baccarat is wonderfully whimsical and really made me chuckle. A variation on the Zenith Twelve Light Crystal Chandelier, the Marie Coquine seems to float mid-air due to the beautiful ivory umbrella that provides such a fantastic focal point.

I would far happier having to deal with the appalling British summer if this was hanging in my house! What about you? Would this help you be happier when it’s all rainy outside?

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  • I’m getting visions of this chandelier saving Del boy from smashing it, a bit of Mary Poppins magic and the umbrella safely guides it to the ground!