Babanbe Franco-Vietnamese Deli in Berlin

Babanbe Franco-Vietnamese Deli in Berlin Mitte

Today, as you read this post I am once again in Berlin, this time on a very exciting press trip, which I will share with you when I get back. But for now I wanted to tell you about a great place I visited on my last trip. As you know, when I was in Berlin last month I was pretty keen on hunting down some design hotspots that I could recommend to you guys should you ever find yourselves in the German capital. Obviously I had to do a bit of homework before I went as I wasn’t expecting to just stumble across any amazing places by accident. And luckily my research proved to be very fruitful! I discovered the most amazing delicatessen in Mitte which has only been open since the beginning of August and I couldn’t wait to visit so I could properly check it out.

Pulled Pork Baguette Babanbe Mitte Berlin
Pulled BBQ Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich

Babanbe is a Franco-Vietnamese deli that serves up a variety of delicious Bahn-Mi sandwiches along with a tasty range of noodle soups and healthy salads. The menu is complimented by some delicious home-made drinks such as ginger lemonade and lemongrass ice-tea. I couldn’t resist trying the BBQ pulled pork Bahn-Mi which was made with succulent, flavoursome pork that had been cooked for over eight hours and was served a chilli lime mayo and a home-made BBQ sauce. I washed this down with the ginger lemonade which was also absolutely delicious. I was very impressed with the food and the service was great too.

Babanbe Deli in Berlin Mitte

However, I am sure you understand why I was attracted to this deli in the first place.  You just need to take a quick peak inside to see why this place speaks volumes to me. Recently, I have been harbouring the beginnings of a slight obsession with typography so the wall art at Babanbe really caught my eye. Produced by the Berlin-based multi-disciplinary design studio We are Blessed these giant images fill two walls and their bold design and playful messages really did put a smile on my face. However, I also loved the bespoke furniture that was developed especially for Babanbe by designer Sascha Grewe. And those hanging light bulbs and gorgeous white seats  just added to the overall effect. If I lived in Berlin, this would be at the top of my list for places to hang out.

Babanbe Deli in Berlin Mitte

I suggest you pop on over to the Babanbe website for a browse. Just like the deli, the design is impeccable, unsurprising really as the site was also designed by We are Blessed. Let me know what you think! Particularly if you have also had the pleasure of dining in this fab new eaterie!

UPDATE: I believe that this amazing eaterie has now closed down. Such a shame.

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