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Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 13 - Outside

I feel like recently I’m making a bit of a shift with my blog content as I seem to be writing about Devon a whole lot more. In the early days of my blog I would never have thought that I could have written so much about local places and companies, but Devon just seems to be brimming with great design at the moment. Take this amazing design hotel in Devon for example.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 1 - Coastal Location in Salcombe

Gara Rock is a boutique hotel near Salcombe that has recently undergone a massive renovation. The hotel has been given a fresh new look by the team at London-based House Nine Interior Design and it now rivals any top class design hotel that you might find in Europe’s many capital cities. This is the first time that I’ve come across such a trendy hotel down here in Devon so naturally I wanted to share it with you guys, given that Devon is such an amazing staycation destination for us Brits and an amazing vacation for anyone from further afield.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 2 - View

The hotel is perched high up on a clifftop overlooking the sea with panoramic views in abundance. It is situated on the South West Coastal Path on a site that was formerly home to cottages used by the local coast guards. In the 19th century, it was the job of the coast guards to prevent any illegal smuggling on the remote coastline and to scour the open seas looking for any boats in difficulty.

Today, Gara Rock is the ultimate retreat from busy city life. It is the perfect venue for outdoorsy types who like to partake in a bit of hiking along rugged terrain or surfing down the beach, it’s also a lovely secluded place for indoorsy types looking to retreat away from their busy schedules and indulge in a spot of wellness and self-care whilst taking in the breathtaking views.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 10 - Cinema Room

The facilities definitely lend themselves to a relaxing retreat. There are new spa treatment rooms, a private cinema room, an indoor pool, as well as a heated, outdoor, cliff-top pool, and a beach close by. Gara Rock is therefore perfect for a spa getaway no matter what season or what the weather.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 12 - Pool
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 14 - Pool 2

The hotel offers five loft rooms, and three luxurious suites, all of which benefit from private terraces overlooking Bolt Head and the surrounding meadows. There are also six spacious rooms, four of which benefit from beautiful sea views.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 21 - Room
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 22 - Garden Apartment

The new restaurant is run by Head Chef Lewis Glanvill, who has implemented a seasonal British menu using only the finest ingredients sourced from local producers and his own kitchen garden. The restaurant has already built itself a fine reputation when it comes to seafood.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 16 - Restaurant

The restaurant and lounge area are the heart of Gara Rock, full of cosy chairs and sheepskin throws. The huge wood burning stoves offer visitors and guests a welcoming and warming dining experience from early morning to late at night. There is also al fresco seating on offer so you can cosy up next to one of the outdoor fire pits if you’re brave enough. Maybe save that for summer though!

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 17 - Restaurant
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 6 - Restaurant

The bar is apparently the only bar in Salcombe that allows you to catch the sun setting over the clifftop, which I imagine must be quite spectacular. I’m tempted to take the mister there just to see, although that’s probably something I’ll reserve for summer to make sure it’s actually worth it.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 7 - Bar

However, if you prefer to venture out rather than staying in the hotel bar every night, you don’t need to be worried about the remote location. Gara Rock offers lifts to and from Salcombe in their very own branded Land Rover. Perfect if you want to head into town for a few drinks of an evening.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 23 - Landrover

I absolutely love the look of this design hotel in Devon. It is totally my style. I love a good bit of industrial influence in interiors so the all the wood panelling, the lighthouse sconces, the pendant lights, the steel-framed windows, shower enclosures and mirrors, the rusty looking bedside lamps and the big heavy wooden and metal coffee tables are right up my street. Combine this with all the natural materials, like the sisal carpets, the woven baskets, the opulent velvet cushions and faux sheepskin throws and I’m completely sold! And check out the roll-top baths!! I could move in tomorrow.

Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 19 - Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 9 -Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 5 - Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 15 - Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 8 - Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 4 - Bedroom
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 3 - Suite
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 18 - Room
Gara Rock Design Hotel Devon 20 - Bathroom

This is a beautiful video created by a local production company that gives you an insight into the history of Gara Rock and introduces you to the people who run it and work there. You can also see the amazing location and views. If this doesn’t convince you to book a stay, I don’t know what will.

So what do you think? Are you already checking your schedule to see when you can fit in a short mini break to this amazing design hotel in Devon? As it is just 15 miles from my home I really do have no excuse. I’m totally eyeing up the spa days. How about you?

Gara Rock boutique design hotel on the South West Coastal Path in Salcombe Devon UK

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