Polefit Bedding : A New Way to Dress Your Bed

Polefit Bed Sheets

Do you absolutely hate changing the sheets on the bed? Do you despise the battle with the mattress as you try to get the fitted sheet, or worse the flat sheet, snugly fitted whilst trying to ensure the sheet remains as taut as possible? I do, and I inevitably fail at doing all of those things. After tucking the first two corners of the fitted sheet onto the bottom of the bed I usually end up crawling to the head of the bed where I attempt to lift the mattress, which is now supporting my body weight. As I sit here and type this I realise what a stupid tactic that is and I feel rather foolish. But that’s neither here nor there. All we need to know at this point is that when I make the bed, the sheet is not fitted snugly and after a few hours in a fresh bed it goes all baggy and loose and if I’m really unlucky one corner might dislodge itself altogether. And I can’t stand that! If only there was a stylish, well-designed solution that could be fitted easily and could help the sheet retain its super smooth quality from night to night. Well guess what guys! Ruth and I have found one!

Polefit Bed SheetsWhat is even more exciting is that the company that has designed and made this innovative new sleep solution is based right here in Devon, in Cullompton in fact. The company is called Stylefast and was founded by a husband and wife team who have developed this unique bedding concept, taking it from a simple home prototype to a professionally manufactured product. Polefit Bedding is a bed sheet which is held in place by a series of poles and straps. It is essentially a flat sheet that has sleeves along each side into which you insert a set of metal poles. The poles are then held in place by straps which are positioned under the mattress and are used to secure and tension the sheet. It sounds a little complicated written down but you can see what I mean from the images.

Polefit Bed Sheets

This system allows the sheet to be fitted with minimal effort and held securely in place. Now I say minimal effort, but I really need to clarify that slightly. Obviously when fitting the sheet for the first time you need to set it up. When Ruth and I first opened the packaging we were a little put off to find such a comprehensive set of instructions and it was at this point that we realised that this may be a little more time-consuming and challenging than we had anticipated. Nevertheless we got stuck straight in and the first thing we had to do was remove the mattress from the bed. Then we had to work out which straps were which. The set comes with two straps that go across the bed and two that run from the head of the bed to the foot. Fairly easy, as one set is longer than the other. Next we needed to ensure that the straps were the correct length and this entailed measuring the mattress and referring to a conversion table to get a new measurement which would be used to adjust the straps. Things were starting to get a little complicated but the instructions were pretty clear and concise. Once we had measured the straps we had to lay them in position on the bed frame and secure them. It was this step that really caught us out. The instructions give precise measurements for laying the straps in position but for some reason, at this point, Ruth and I decided not to measure the exact distance but rather to guestimate it. I can only imagine that we took this course of action as the process had already taken us quite some time to reach this point and we just wanted to get the sheet on already and see the final result. So we laid the straps on the bed frame where we thought they should go and secured them to the frame using tape as suggested by the instructions. We replaced the mattress and continued to follow the instructions.

Polefit Bed Sheets

We laid the sheet on top of the mattress, whilst debating whether or not we should have ironed it for the photographs, and proceeded to unpack the poles. By this point we had been trying to fit the sheet for almost an hour and we were slowly getting convinced that the whole concept was ludicrous and rather unnecessary and that a fitted sheet does the job adequately enough after all. Sadly unpacking the poles didn’t help the situation as each of the eight poles came shrink wrapped in a plastic coating and there was no easy tear perforations allowing you to simply rip off the coating. Instead we had to rummage around to find a craft knife so that we could delicately cut the plastic off each pole adding a further 15 minutes to the process. By now we were almost certain that this was not worth the effort but we were so close to the end we decided to get it finished just so we could see what all the fuss was about. So next we had to screw together the metal poles. They are joined with a bendy section that allows you to bend the poles to 90 degrees for easy insertion into the sleeves. This is absolutely necessary for small bedrooms where you would not have the space to insert a rigid pole. So once all the poles were inserted all that was left was to strap them down and admire our handy work.

Polefit Bed Sheets

But this is where our earlier guestimate caught us out. The straps were not aligned with the openings in the sleeve where they should be and we realised that we would need to lift the mattress and move the straps to the precise measurements detailed in the instructions, which was easier said than done as they were secured with tape. Our mistake added a further 10 minutes to the process but once rectified with the straps in the correct position we were able to secure the poles in place and ensure that the sheet was pulled tight.

Polefit Bed Sheets

Luckily, once strapped down all the creases disappeared and we thanked our lucky stars we hadn’t wasted more time ironing the sheet at the start. This is definitely a major plus point as neither Ruth nor myself particularly enjoy ironing. As we stood back and took a moment to evaluate the product we realised that all the hassle and bother that we had been through to get it set up was absolutely worth it. The sheet looked fantastic. It was so sharp and flat and crease free, it just looked a million dollars. Admittedly, if we had to go through that rigmarole every time we needed to change the sheet, we wouldn’t bother. But that is the beauty of the Polefit Bedding system. You install the straps once and then to change the sheet you simple need to unstrap the poles and release them from the sleeves before removing the sheet. I must say at this point that we only used the top sheet but you can also get a base sheet as part of the package. In this case, you would put the fitted base sheet over the mattress first with the top sheet on top. We definitely did not need to do this as we wanted to reveal the wonderfully bright pop of yellow that the Eve Mattress provides.

Polefit Bed Sheets

In fact, when we first discovered the Eve Mattress, one of the first things we said was what a shame it is to cover it up with a bedsheet as you lose that vibrant flash of yellow beneath the fabric. Well not now you don’t, as the Polefit bedsheet is the perfect companion for Eve. Together they look absolutely stunning. And to top it all off, the Polefit sheet is a dream to sleep on. No more baggy, saggy sheets that work themselves free from the mattress. Now, making the bed every morning couldn’t be easier as wrinkles can be removed with a simple swipe of the hand, returning the sheet to its freshly made condition in a matter of seconds.

So all in all, whilst we definitely weren’t convinced by the product as we were setting it up, the end result far outweighs any of the inconvenience of the installation process. The Polefit bed sheet is a beautiful product that allows you to create a totally smooth, superior sleeping surface that will remind you of the posh hotel beds that you’ve previously stayed in.

So what do you guys think of this idea? Would you use something like this in your own bedroom? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please do leave a comment or tweet me @StaceyJSheppard.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Stylefast kindly supplied a set of Polefit bed sheets for the purpose of this review on the understanding that if we did not like them we would return them and wouldn’t feature them on the blog. All the opinions in this post are my own and I stress that I only collaborate with brands and companies that I genuinely like and believe that my readers will like too. 

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