Gift Guide : Interior Design Books

Interior Design Books Gift Guide

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If you’re anything like me, books are one of the best presents you can receive at Christmas. I love having a selection of interior design books at my disposal and I’m starting to build up quite a collection. I’m looking forward to creating a lovely way to display them once my youngest daughter manages to stop ripping and eating book pages. So if you know a book lover who is also interested in interior design you might want to consider gifting them one of these great interior design books this Christmas.  Read More…

Creating Gorgeous Grey Interiors

Grey Interior ProductsThe most popular blog post of all time to have featured here on The Design Sheppard is an interview I did with colour expert and consultant Karen Haller on the use of the colour grey in interiors. The article is part of our regular colour psychology series and it is consistently the most read post on the site and has generated the most comments from readers. Grey has been a popular colour in interiors for a few years now and shows no sign of fading into the background any time soon. Given the fact that the post has been so popular I thought that you guys might appreciate a follow-up post on the use of grey in the home. So here I have curated some of my favourite grey products that can be used to add that sense of sophistication and elegance that grey is known for.

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French Connection Home AW 2012 Collection

French Connection Home AW 2012

Grey is one of my absolute favourite colours for interior design schemes at the moment. It is so serene and calming and it goes so well with so many other colours. Despite the potentially negative psychological effects of grey, I find that its use in interiors really resonates with me personally and for me it’s actually very comforting. Whilst it can have quite an industrial, cold feel to it, I also tend to associate it quite a bit with a Nordic aesthetic which brings a real feeling of warmth and cosiness to the colour removing any hard edges for me.

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Colour Psychology: Using Grey in Interiors

Shaker Kitchen by DeVOL - grey interiors

Shaker Kitchen from DeVOL

Back in March I invited colour expert and consultant Karen Haller to take part in an interview all about the colour yellow and its use in interior design. The post has been a massive success, one of the most popular of all time in fact, and because of this, Karen and I have decided to make the posts into a new quarterly series : Karen’s Quarterly Colour Psychology Questions. This time we have decided to take a closer look at the use of the sophisticated and elegant colour grey in interiors. By this we mean archetype grey, (as in a mix of black and white, not other colours that are mixed with grey) which has proven to be a big hit in interiors over the past year or so. Grey interiors are definitely becoming more popular. Read More…

Colour of the Month – Nov 09


Nov 09 Grey

Grey is the colour of the month for November 09

Justine Fox, colour expert at Global Color Research, presents the colour of the month, helping us to understand how colour psychology affects trends. This month she looks at the undeniable sophistication and elegance of Grey.

The following is taken from the mix colour update newsletter which you can subscribe to here.

If ever a colour was ubiquitous in the mass market it is Grey. First seen in Autumn/Winter 09/10 Mix trend Contour (Mix Trends colour forecast book issue 17), there is literally a rainbow of greys from charcoal to dove, turning up on everything from carpets (pictured is Chevalier èdition) to paints. Grey/silver is also perennially popular in the automotive industry because of easy resale or lease and because it shows the lines of the car off with highlight finishes.

It is interesting that Grey’s popularity has come at a time of great insecurity and economic upheaval; Grey is perhaps the most psychologically neutral shade of all, evoking little emotional response, providing a much needed rest from any form of emotional turmoil. Grey urges us to hibernate and escape from the world.

Much associated in fashion with Winter collections, Grey also has utilitarian, practical associations that make it chime well with today’s more austere, less throw-away culture. There is a strong urban feel to Grey, evoking expanses of concrete that make it feel slightly dystopian, again fitting in with the feeling of unease any recession generates.

Like black and camel, Grey is undeniably chic in a low key, controlled way. One of the least sexually attractive of all colours, it never-the-less exudes luxury when combined with a lavish material like cashmere and is increasingly moving out of the boardroom and into the home. Finally Grey works well when lifted by colourful accents, making it a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.


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