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Lust List : Designer BBQs for Al Fresco Dining

Hooked on Furnace Everdure BBQ by Heston Blumenthal

With all the gorgeous weather we’ve had recently, my family and I have been enjoying an al fresco lifestyle that is normally not  compatible with life in the UK. It has given us a taste of what life could be like if we lived somewhere that had a warmer climate. One aspect we have really enjoyed is eating outdoors as we’ve had the BBQ out a lot in recent weeks. Our garden in it’s current state is not really geared up for eating outside as the lawn is quite sloped, but we’re starting our garden makeover in the next few weeks, which is very exciting. (See my garden inspiration post here).

Once that’s done we’ll have a lovely decked area to dine on. We recently bought a new BBQ in preparation, which has prompted me to put together a lust list of designer BBQs for you guys. Now I haven’t tested any of these and I have no idea how well they perform. All of these BBQs have made the list based purely on looks. That makes me very shallow I know. I’m sure my husband would veto most of my choices based on practicality, after all many of these designer BBQs are small table top or balcony BBQs which wouldn’t necessarily be suitable for large family gatherings. But they are so pretty, don’t you think? My favourites are the ones from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. That orange one is gorgeous. Read More…

Lust List : Designer Pet Accessories

Designer Pet Accessories for the design conscious home owner

The idea for this post on designer pet accessories came about when my friend Ruth and I were discussing how difficult it is to find pet equipment that is aimed at design conscious home owners who want their pet’s paraphernalia to blend seamlessly into their interiors. Most of the pet accessories on the market just don’t look good and would stick out like a sore thumb in a well designed home. So when Ruth became a dog mama to Darwin the Frenchie, the hunt was on to find the most stylish pet accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in her carefully curated home. These are the designer pet accessories on Ruth’s Lust List. Read More…

Lust List : Designer Kitchen Equipment

Dualit Architect Toaster & Kettle Bluebelllgray

When you have a really ugly kitchen that you can’t afford to replace I think it’s pretty standard to start looking around at all the lovely kitchen accessories that you could potentially try to spruce it up with. My constant dreams of a new kitchen have me drifting back and forth between thinking there is no point investing in lovely accessories when the kitchen itself is so hideous, and going all out on accessories to make the most of a bad situation. So with that in mind Ruth and I decided to do a round up our some of the designer kitchen equipment that is currently on our lust list. We both love the Architect range of toasters and kettles by Dualit because they have removable panels that you can get in a variety of colours. So if you decide to change the colour scheme of your kitchen you can just get new panels to ensure that your small appliance still match. Recently, Dualit have collaborated with floral home decor brand Bluebellgray to introduce the wonderfully pretty and painterly edition of the panels you can see above. This gives the somewhat masculine Architect range an instantly feminine feel and makes it a perfect addition to a more cosy, country type of kitchen. And all the other products we have featured have made the list because they are either just plain beautiful or really practical. Let us know if you think there is anything we have missed! Read More…

Lust List : Home Gadgets

Home Gadgets_Hooked On

I’m not really a very techie sort of person. Sure I like having the odd gadget if it makes my life easier and more streamlined, but I’m certainly not one of these people who has to have the latest bit of tech to hit the market. In fact I’m quite the opposite, once I get to grips with a gadget I despise having to upgrade and it seems so much hassle having to get to know how to use the new equipment. My husband is the opposite though so we do have quite a few gadgets at home and if he had his way we’d have a great deal more. But one thing that puts me off is all the cables and how all the technology looks. If you’re not careful it can take over your home and become really overpowering. This got me to thinking that there must be some home gadgets out there that don’t look too techie or some accessories for your technology that help it blend more seamlessly into your home. Well after a spot of research, Ruth and I have compiled this Lust List of some of our favourite home gadgets and accessories that do just that. Read More…

Lust List : Portable Side Tables

On the Move Side Tables by Cane Line

So it’s time for another of our Lust Lists and this time we’re looking at side tables. These versatile little pieces of furniture are multi-functional and can be used all over the house. The one’s that we have picked all have one thing in common in that they are very portable and easy to transport from room to room depending on where they are needed. Some of them have handles and one is on wheels and most are lightweight making them easy to move around. Side tables are so handy to have at home as they allow us to keep important things to hand, whether that be a cup of tea while we sit on the sofa in the living room or a book, a drink and a pair of glasses beside the bed at night. These are just a few of our favourites so let us know what you think. Read More…

Lust List : Cosy Beds for Long Lazy Lie-Ins

The Design Sheppard is hooked on the Smoke bed by Loaf

Hello dear readers! I’m back and would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break and are feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to face whatever 2015 chooses to throw at us. I personally really enjoyed taking time out over the holidays to spend some real quality time with my family and I was also able to catch up on some much needed sleep. Although I’m starting to worry that this may not have been such a good idea as I believe this has simply alerted my body to the fact that I have spent the past year completely and utterly sleep deprived. This taste of what it is like to get extra sleep has prompted my body to demand even more sleep and I feel more tired than ever now. I guess that is why I have been seeking out these cosy beds that I think would be perfect for long, lazy lie-ins if that were possible. I love the way that this selection of beds has a common theme too. You’ll notice that they all have wrap around headboards that create the most wonderful cocooned feeling keeping you safe from the outside world in your sleepy dream bubble until you decide that you’re ready to face the day ahead. Oh what I wouldn’t give to spend a long luxurious morning snuggled up in one of these bad boys. What about you guys? Do these beds make you want to snuggle down and sleep in too? Read More…

Lust List : Squishy Sofas for Snuggling Up

Gentry Sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

As December draws ever nearer the air has started to smell slightly different, don’t you think? I can’t quite put my finger on it but the smell of winter is definitely lingering in the air. The older I’ve gotten the more I have started to really appreciate the winter months. I love the cold, crisp weather and the way that you can see your warm breath as you exhale. I even don’t mind the rain too much and I love the odd storm. I suspect I enjoy winter more the older I get because I tend to stay in more and winter evenings are mostly spent at home all cosy and warm enjoying the comforts of snuggly blankets, squishy cushions and mugs of piping hot tea. The only thing missing these days is the log burner we had in our old rental house; the electric fire we have in our flat now just doesn’t compare. Nothing beats the atmosphere created by a roaring fire, that warmth is just incomparable and the crackling sound of a real fire is just so precious. But one thing you really need in order to make the most of cosy nights in is the perfect squishy sofa for snuggling up on. I am desperate for a new sofa as we’ve had ours for seven years now and the feather cushions are all starting to get a bit flat and misshapen and no amount of fluffing up seems to get them back to their former glory. For the past few weeks I’ve been sofa spotting as I dream of replacing my old sofa with one of these fabulous squishy sofas. Sadly, most of these probably don’t even come close to my budget, but a girl can dream right? Read More…

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