Symfonisk Speakers from IKEA and SONOS

Symfonisk speakers are the result of a collaboration between IKEA and SONOS

I spotted these little gems on a recent trip to IKEA and thought I’d share them here just in case you hadn’t come across them yet. Working in close collaboration with audio experts, Sonos, IKEA has created SYMFONISK speakers, a small range of great-sounding, great-looking pieces of furniture that blend into the home in clever new ways.

Symfonisk speakers by IKEA and SONOS can be wall mounted in the kitchen

IKEA is always looking for ideas that improve life at home. By integrating technology into home furnishing products, we can do that in an even better way.

Björn Block, Business Leader for IKEA Home Smart at IKEA of Sweden

What I really like about this collaboration is the fact that the two companies have bought their shared values together to make high-quality sound affordable and available to everyone.

This partnership has always been about our two companies’ shared passion, values and knowledge. IKEA and Sonos recognize the importance of great sound and its potential to positively affect life at home.

Tad Toulis, VP of Design Sonos
Symfonisk speakers range by IKEA and SONOS feature a speaker lamp and a speaker shelf

The versatile SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker is a space-saving design that can be subtly tucked away in the bookshelf or put on display by mounting it on the wall and turning it into a bedside table or a floating shelf.

The SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker was inspired by the fireplace, a single piece that spreads warm light and sound. By combining two powerful mood boosters, IKEA and Sonos have produced a smart space-saving design that is both practical and beautiful.

Symfonisk speakers range from IKEA and SONOS features a smart speaker lamp

Both products can be fully integrated with Sonos products and controlled using the Sonos app. They can be used to stream music, podcasts and radio via WiFi without interruptions from phone calls or notifications. They can also be used to create a multiroom system by connecting two or more speakers. Each speaker is controlled individually, so you can play different sound in different rooms, or play the same throughout the home.

What do you think of the Symfonisk speakers? A nice new innovation? I’m sold! I particularly love the idea of using one as a bedside table.

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