Interiors Trend: Woodland Animals

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One of the things that I love about interiors is watching the different trends develop right from the moment they first appear through to the time when they go mainstream and can be seen all over the place. I remember when owls first started rearing their wise little heads, now they appear on everything from ceramics, textiles, clothing and artwork, to soft furnishings and jewellery. More recently, foxes have had their moment in the limelight again adorning just about anything and everything. I love both these trends and I am very happy to see that they are now forming part of a larger trend for woodland animals in general. Owls and foxes are being joined by many other forest friends and country critters. Badgers, wolves, mice, squirrels, deer, moose, bears and raccoons are all now popular motifs being used in interiors and other industries.

I have been admiring this trend for a while now and many of the products featured in this post are on my personal wishlist. I particularly love the products by Donna Wilson and the ceramics by Jimbobart. But the market is awash with great products that allow us to bring this trend into our homes this winter.

Interiors trend - Woodland animals

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Just recently, I wrote an article for Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from I was asked to pick my favourite emerging or key seasonal interiors trend and then choose a selection of high street finds, each coming in at under £90, that I think represent this the best. The woodland trend was an obvious choice for me and I was surprised to see how many great, affordable products there are on the high street making it easy to accessorize your interior whatever your budget.

I was also asked by Two Red Trees to choose a selection of products from their website, which stocks a unique selection of goods handmade by emerging, talented creatives in the UK. There was a great range of woodland inspired products to choose from so it wasn’t really a difficult selection to make.

I’d love to know how you feel about the woodland trend in interiors and what your favourite products are!

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