Once Upon a Tile by InterfaceFLOR

One upon a tile by InterfaceFLOR -Cinderella

If I were to ask you what is being advertised here what would your guess be? Mine would be the latest haute couture collection from one of the world’s top fashion houses. Don’t you agree? To me this looks like a fashion shoot straight from the pages of Vogue, ELLE or Marie Claire.

To a certain extent this is not far off, but at the same time it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is actually the latest advertising campaign for a flooring company. What? I hear you gasp! I know! Since when did flooring look this good?

Once Upon a tile by InterfaceFLOR -Rapunzel

Well I’ll tell you. Since InterfaceFLOR teamed up with Checkland Kindleysides, one of the largest design consultancies, top fashion photographer Michael Woolley, along with globally renowned hair and make-up artist Mary-Jane Frost and theatrical costume designer and stylist Ameena Kara Callender.

The latest flooring collection, Once Upon a Tile takes its inspiration from one of this year’s biggest trends : fairytales. The mysterious and surreal world of fables and fantasies has become increasingly evident this year as feature films, social events and even design trends have explored these imaginary worlds.

Once uopn a tile by interfaceFLOR - Hansel and Gretel

The new campaign from InterfaceFLOR, a worldwide leader in the design of innovative modular flooring, is targeted at architects, flooring contractors, specifiers and interior designers throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. And to be honest, with imagery like this, it will hardly go unnoticed.

Once uopn a tile by interfaceFLOR - Red Riding Hood

The following trends were identified as those that are currently pervading our culture and society and InterfaceFLOR used them as catalysts for the new collection.

  • Luxury & Indulgence
  • Industrial
  • Organic Forms
  • Ordered Chaos
  • Intertwined
  • Faded & Weathered
  • Faded Grandeur

Once uopn a tile by interfaceFLOR - Beauty and the Beast

Michele Iacovitti, Vice President of Marketing & Branding, InterfaceFLOR EMEAI says: “Our latest collections are right on trend, inspired by today’s top cultural, social and artistic trends, so it seemed only natural to promote and showcase them in a way that is equally of the moment.

Once uopn a tile by interfaceFLOR - Sleeping Beauty

“Modern takes on fables and fairy tales are a major theme this year in movies, social events and design, so we decided to explore this mysterious world and delve into the darker side of some of the best-known children’s fairy tales. The result is a visually stunning, dramatic and edgy backdrop which shows off our new collections to spectacular effect,” says Iacovitti.

Once uopn a tile by interfaceFLOR - Goldilocks

The campaign doesn’t only include these beautiful photographic images though. There is also a series of videos that depict traditional tales such as Cinderella, Rapunzel and Hansel & Gretel, with a modern twist.


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  • Hi Stacey! Bizarre coincidence…..idly googled interface flor this evening, because I suddenly remembered that I lent out a dress for a shoot with Michael Woolley early last year, and I never got sent images. Curious to see if they ended up using them, and found these lovely fairy tale promotional clips……and your blog! My ‘ Belladonna’ gown is used in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video! This is a great blog btw, v inspirational :) xx

    • Hi Jo, that is a bizarre coincidence! I love the advertising campaign that InterfaceFlor did and when I saw these spectacular photographs and videos I just had to post them. Your dress is absolutely beautiful in the beauty and the beast shoot. No surprise there though, afterall you are the London and South East regional award winner and National Runner-Up!! I am very, very proud to have you as my wedding dress designer!