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Personal DNA Portraits from DNA11

The trend for personalisation has been gathering pace over the past few years as consumers react against standard issue products and search for something that is more tailored to their own personal needs or that will allow them to express their own personal style.

As people seek out more unique ways of decorating their homes there has been a distinct rise in the number of companies offering truly personalised unique custom artwork.

DNA11 is a pioneering company that has combined the realms of art and genetic science allowing consumers to create artwork that has a deep personal meaning. Turning the idea of the traditional portrait inside out, two Canadians have come up with an ingenious way of capturing the essence of a person on canvas. By collecting images of a person’s DNA from mouth swabs, the pair are able to create a one of a kind profile, which can then be tweaked by designers and turned into a unique piece of art.

Finger print portraits by DNA11

The company has now expanded their offering to include artwork created from finger prints and lip prints and also now offer family portraits created by combining the DNA images of many family members of the same canvas.

European Dermatology London is a private specialist skin clinic, which is doing something similar. Developed by Specialist Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, Inner Portraits are intensely personal pieces of original modern art created from skin cells. Talking about her inspiration for Inner Portraits Dr Williams says: “Every single time I study the skin under a microscope, it always looks exceptionally beautiful in its own unique way. One evening when I was working on my laptop, my husband happened to notice one of these microscopic skin images and was equally amazed at its artistic beauty. He was so intrigued in fact that he asked if I could create an ‘Inner Portrait’ from his skin.”

Inner Portrait by DNA11

This prompted Dr Williams to start using the microscopic images of skin cells to create unique pieces of art. She now offers this service to anyone interested in immortalizing the beauty of their own cells.

Inner Portrait by DNA11

However, it is not only our genetic makeup that allows us to create such unique artwork. We can also use the power of our voice as demonstrated by VoicePrints, a company that specializes in visualizing words in a permanent piece of art. By capturing significant audible moments such as a baby’s first words or a couple’s marriage vows a signature print can be created which will act as a memorable and inspirational piece of artwork.

Voice Prints Art

Simply choose your colour and then upload an audio file recording of the words you want visualized and you’re away. Couldn’t be easier!

Let me know if you have come across any other companies doing similar things.

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