Amazonia Botanical Ceramic Tiles

Amazonia botanical hexagon ceramic floor tiles

And so continues my long-standing love affair with both tiles and plants, cascading together into a perfect product that truly fills me with inspiration and makes me want to redecorate.

Working as part of the Saint-Gobain family, CTD Architectural Tiles is a high-end ceramic tile manufacturer, and their latest Amazonia range of botanical ceramic tiles is a perfect meeting point between art and design. 

Utilising a rustic style, and drawing on inspiration from the fashion world, these tiles conjure up a remote jungle landscape. The tropical, exotic prints cater to everyone with a traveller’s eye or a thirst for the wild in their interior design. Personally, I would have these botanical ceramic tiles in my home tomorrow if I could.

Amazonia botanical hexagon ceramic floor and wall tiles

The Amazonia tiles, each bespoke and created using handcrafted moulds, come in two shapes – square (13.82cm) or hexagonal (32 x 36.8cm) – and are available in five mix-and-match colour schemes so they fit together like a patchwork puzzle. No piece ever looks out of place despite the way the design cuts off at a clean angle. The irregular dimensions reveal slight differences in every tile, and the shade and texture of each tile also differ from piece to piece, making each lush green, cotto, grey black or off-white design a work of art in its own right. 

Amazonia botanical ceramic hexagon tiles

The beautiful handcrafted botanical ceramic tiles draw inspiration from the jungles of South America and will transport you straight to the Amazon. They proudly display the deep emerald green of lush chlorophyll-packed foliage, the rich black of a cloudless night sky and the moody grey of storm clouds rolling above.

I really love the biophilic design influence seen in Amazonia. These tiles would be great for people who live in cities and urban areas, where there is little by way of nature to access. They provide a great way to bring the outside in and connect you to the great outdoors. But they are not just suited to residential homes. They would work equally well in commercial or hospitality project.

Amazonic botanical ceramic hexagon tiles

I must mention at this point, before we all fall in love with them and rush out in our droves to attempt to purchase them, that they aren’t really available to the everyday consumer. They are instead aimed at specifiers, architects and interior designers. So unless you have friends in these circles or engage a professional for your design project, they may be a bit hard to get hold of.

Amazonia ceramic tiles used as a kitchen basksplash

Words can’t seem to define how beautiful, versatile and commanding these botanical ceramic tiles are, but the pictures more than speak for themselves. So I’ll leave you with a few more and at the end, you can leave me a comment to let me know what you think about Amazonia?

Amazonia botanical ceramic tiles in a contemporary bathroom

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  • Oh my hat.
    Again Tharina Nel.
    Can you then tell me who is the company that is selling these tiles.
    Then i can ask an interior designer to help me.
    I do wish you were here love your designs. Here designing is very difficult not nice choices.
    Everything plain.
    Regards Tharina

    • Did you find the name of a company y selling this? I’m purchasing some this week and can give you their name.

        • You can find them online at the Tile Shop! I’m using the emerald hexagons for my bathrooom remodel. I live in CA but I contacted the AZ store and they can ship them.

  • Good day.
    My name is Tharina Nel.
    I need your help desperately.
    I live in South Africa and need these hexagonal (32 x 36.8cm) five mix-and-match colour scheme tiles in green, your second picture for my kitchen.
    Is there any possibility that i can buy these tiles from you.
    I will first pay you so that you don’t have to take any chances on me. And my husband work for Hellman logistics in Cape Town so he can organize the shipping

    • Hi Tharina,
      I’m afraid I do not sell any products. This is my blog where I write about and share the products that I love. You will see the link in the post to CTD Architectural Tiles who you will need to contact about procuring these tiles. Good luck with your kitchen project!

  • Hi,

    I would like a quote for the square Amazonia tiles please? I have had a quote 40square meters — £2600 from blue ceramics
    Look forward to hearing from you.



    • Hi Sam,

      I’m afraid I do not sell these tiles. I simply wrote about them on my blog. You will need to contact a distributor or retailer to get a quote. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

    • Hi Anna, I don’t sell these tiles myself. You will have to contact the company directly I’m afraid and discuss it with them. The link to their website is in my post.