Arthouse Wallpaper by Linwood

Mind the Gap Wallpaper by Linwood
Mind the Gap

Another Wednesday, another wallpaper. And this week it is a range by Linwood Fabrics & Wallpaper. I happened on this range on Pinterest I think when I spotted the Mind the Gap paper above. I fell in love immediately and had to check out the rest of the range. I also love the Penaholic paper below.  The whole Arthouse range is eccentric and playful drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of sources: from forest walks to cityscapes, from bold fonts to English tea. Perfect for a mid-week pick me up, don’t you agree?

Penaholic wallpaper by Linwood
London Skyline wallpaper by Linwood
London Skyline
Rainbow Letters Wallpaper by Linwood
Rainbow Letters
Chicken Run Wallpaper by Linwood
Chicken Run
Tea Time Wallpaper by Linwood
Tea Time
Park Life Wallpaper by Linwood
Park Life

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