Glorious Cane Webbing Wallpaper

Cane webbing wallpaper by NLXL used as a feature wall behind a double bed.

Usually, speaking of cane, wicker or rattan conjures images of a 1970s home decorated with bold colours or a loud designs.  But cane is making a comeback, and not just in the top tier of the design world.  Though high-end retailers are bringing this flexible and sustainable design staple back into their collections, this timeless material has also trickled down to high street retailers, with its versatility and affordability being right there at everyone’s fingers.

Black cane webbing wallpaper from NLXL used as a statement wall behind a sideboard

But if the word ‘cane’ makes you think of lounge chairs and rattan conservatory sets, well the trend goes much deeper and has made its way up the walls of the most elegant interiors. NLXL has taken the thriving trend and with Studio Roderick Vos and NLXL’s own Mr & Mrs Vintage, has moved the style that one step further, with edgy, high-resolution paper bearing the intricate designs of cane webbing.

Diamond Cane Webbing Wallpaper from NLXL creates a statement wall

Vos’s contribution to the cane webbing wallpaper range sees the cane web designs coupled with interesting and interlocking panels to create vivid geometrics in a timeless design. From the glorious ‘Drops’ webbing to the chic and muted ‘Angle’ webbing, the Vos’s contribution screams of their fun and funky style.

Drops cane webbing wallpaper used in to create a statement wall

NLXLs own Creative Director, Rick Vintage added the four luxurious wainscotting designs to the collection, which can be used together with the cane webbing wallpaper, mounting the wainscotting horizontally over the verticle strips of cane webbing, mimicking the way you would install the elements if they were made of real wood.

We started working on Cane Webbing wallpaper designs in early 2018. At the same time we were working on a wainscoting wallpaper but it wasn’t until we put the two together that we realized the potential of this collection. When Roderick Vos, one of our favorite designers, stopped by our studio we showed him prototypes of the webbing/wainscoting designs. He got inspired and surprised us with his beautiful sketches for the ‘Angle Webbing’ wallpaper a couple of weeks later. It was great fun to work with Roderick (and off course his partner in crime Claire Vos and their team) – but I think that’s obvious when you see the end result.

NLXL Creative director Rick Vintage
Cane webbing wallpaper from NLXL used in conjunction with NLXL's waincotting wallpaper.

The cane, wicker and rattan resurgence has taken the design world by storm, and I would love to add more of these materials into my own home.  Though I’m short on space, the aesthetic that NLXL has used to create this new cane webbing wallpaper collection means I wouldn’t have to sacrifice physical space in order to bring this trend into my home, but I would get an added injection of texture.

So, in closing, if you’re ready to jump aboard the cane bandwagon this time around but don’t have the space in your house for larger furniture pieces, look no further than NLXLs cane webbing wallpaper collection. 

I’d love to know what you think of this wallpaper and what you think of the resurgence of cane webbing. Are you embracing the comeback or do you think this particular design revival should have stayed in the past?

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