How to Get the Wooden Panelling Look Without the Hassle

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A cosy master bedroom in a farmhouse features wooden panelling in blue on the wall behind the bed

This cosy farmhouse master bedroom by Blue Copper Design features wooden panelling

Wooden panelling is proving to be extremely popular right now both on Pinterest and Instagram. It is everywhere. I’m not usually a big follower of trends when it comes to decorating my own home. I like consistency so I don’t often jump on the bandwagon and change things up. But this is one trend that I am seriously considering implementing at home. I’ve even managed to talk my husband around, but whether it actually gets done is a completely different matter.

So let’s take a look at some of the types of wooden panelling that are popular in interiors at the moment. There are some really great DIY projects on social media where people have transformed their homes with amazing statement walls that really take the room to a whole new level.

Board & Batten Wooden Panelling

This beautiful board and batten panelling was created by Evija at her home on the Isle of Man

Board and Batten panelling basically means adding wood strips to your wall in a pattern or design. This is most commonly done in squares or rectangles from what I’ve seen on social media. It looks really effective and according to the multiple tutorials I have read, it is pretty straightforward to do and not too expensive if you do it yourself. You simply need some MDF board cut to size, some adhesive, nails and hammer and your wall paint. It is a great way to add extra interest to a plain wall. It looks particularly good on the wall behind the bed.

Traditional Moulding Panels

Kimberly Duran of Swoonworthy blog up-levelled her dining room with the addition of moulding on the walls.

The most popular style of traditional moulding is rectangle frame mouldings used at the top and bottom of a wall, with a dado rail in the centre or just below the centre. This is a really timeless style that accentuates and adds structure to the walls. It can be added to new builds to give that period property feel where there are no original features to add interest to the room.

Hex Wooden Panelled Wall

This DIY hex panelled wall was created by Karen of Well I Guess this is Growing Up in the living room of the family home that she is renovating

Now, this is a more modern take on panelling but it really does make a huge statement. Hexagons became a massive trend a few years ago and made their way onto our walls, not only in the form of tiles but also wood panelling. They not only add visual interest to the room but also layers of texture. The honeycomb pattern is also a nod to biophilic design which incorporates the shapes and patterns of nature.

Vertical Slat Wall Wooden Panelling

A living room with a black vertical slat wooden panelling wall by Construction2style

This is the living room of family lifestyle brand construction2style who used vertical wooden slats to create this impressive panelled wall.

This particular trend is the one that I love most and that I would choose for my own home. The vertical slat wall panelling is a much more modern take on wall panelling and this is the one that I am seeing spring up everywhere at the moment. This is much more my style as I’m not that into traditional-style homes. I like things a bit more minimal and sleek so this is right up my street. You can paint the slats in a colour like in the image above, or you can leave the wood grain to do all the talking as in the images below. What I like most about this style is the tactile appeal of it. I just want to run my fingers across the surface.

The vertical wooden slat wall in the living room of Martin & Nic’s Welsh terraced home is a beautiful example of the current trend.

The Hassle-Free Alternative

All of these projects look absolutely stunning and they may be reasonably easy to achieve for the seasoned DIY pro. However, for someone like me who has little to no experience of such DIY renovation jobs and is sorely lacking in the handyman skills to do this myself, it’s actually quite a daunting project. Luckily though there is a straight-forward alternative that allows us to get the wood panelling look without the hassle. This is more my kind of project and within my capabilities.

Wooden Panelling Wallpaper

I Love Wallpaper is an independent British brand that offers a myriad of contemporary wallpaper styles, including a range of in-house designs. They have an amazing library of patterns, colours and textures (including scrubbable, washable, and waterproof options) for the wallpaper aficionado.

Contemporary Wood Panel Wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper

There is also a fantastic selection of wooden panelling wallpaper so you can get the same look by opting for this much cheaper and easier alternative. No need for cutting up MDF, glueing, nailing and painting. Also, wallpaper is a lot less permanent than panelling and so much easier to remove should you change your mind down the line.

Antique wooden panelling wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper

Due to advances in printing technology, these wallpapers are extremely realistic. From a distance, it is actually quite difficult to tell whether the wall is panelled or whether it is wallpaper. The antique wood wallpaper above has a 3D effect and makes me want to touch it to check it is actually flat. The Trompe-l’œil effect is really quite convincing.

Hexagon wooden panelling wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper

The hex wooden panelling wallpaper looks great in these bedrooms as a backdrop. The paper is inspired by the traditional honeycomb pattern. This contemporary design is both organic and graphic and would work well in any room, not just bedrooms.

Vertical slat  wooden panelling wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper in a dining room setting
Vertical slat  wooden panelling wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper in a living room setting

Contemporary wood slat wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper

The contemporary wood slat wallpaper is again my favourite option from the collection of wooden panelling wallpaper. As you can see from the images it works really well in a more modern setting and particularly those with a minimalist or Scandi feel to them. This design will bring instant texture to your walls.

I don’t know about you but these wallpapers seem like a much more appealing option to me. So much less effort is involved and it would take much less time to create the look.

And what’s even more appealing is that the wallpapers by I Love Wallpaper are sustainably manufactured in the UK and in Europe. The prices are refreshingly affordable from just £15 per roll in some cases. That’s an absolute bargain considering you are giving the room a whole new statement look!

So what do you think? Are you more likely to opt for wooden panelling wallpaper?

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