Introducing Paint by Conran

Paint By Conran

Paint by ConranToday, I would like to share with you the delightful new range of interior paints from Conran. Inspired by British plants and landscapes, Paint by Conran is a 96 colour luxury paint range launched by Sir Terence Conran and his renowned design company Conran and Partners. It is carefully hand-crafted here in the UK by paint making experts with over 120 years of experience. The range features five collections of complementary colours that reflect the glorious British countryside.

Paint by Conran - Squashed Tomato

I have always been passionate about colour, because it adds flavour to life and can have a profoundly positive impact on our mood. Colour and paint have always been a part of my life, as my father was a paint maker, so it’s wonderful to have been able to bring them together with Paint by Conran.

Sir Terence Conran

Paint by Conran - Waving Thistle

Each tin of Paint by Conran comes with a thank you postcard that doubles as a colour matching card that use can take shopping with you to use when looking for complementary items like curtains or rugs. Each purchase also comes with a Paint by Conran Partner card that will entitle you to some excellent special offers and exclusive benefits, such as notifications of interior design events and a copy of a bi-annual Design Review.

Paint by Conran - Young Nettle

I’m delighted with our new range of paints, which are inspired by British plants and landscapes. Handcrafted by Master Paintmakers, Paint by Conran has a beautiful finish that ages exceptionally well to leave a room’s colour palette looking great for years to come. It’s time to put on the overalls and get to work!

Sir Terence Conran

Paint by Conran - Pastures New

Paint by Conran - Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

Inspired by Terence’s own kitchen garden, with fresh leafy greens, rich autumnal reds and clean, frosty teals

Paint by Conran - Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden

Draws on colours of British garden flowers from soft, powder blues of forget-me-nots to bold flashes of summer poppies and bright, golden sunflowers

Paint by Conran - Harvest


Picks out the warm natural hues of the British harvest with soft, sunkissed corn colours combined with deep, earthy umbers

Paint by Conran - Highland


Captures the wild and evocative swathes of purple and claret coloured heather, rocky outcrops and hardy windblown grasses

Paint by Conran - Orchard


Brings to life the bright, enchanting flowers of springtime blossom and the vital greens of sodden moss and maturing fruit of the British orchard





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