Naughty Wallpaper from Filthy Home

Porno Channel Scramble Wallpaper from Filthy Home

Now, I was innocently stumbling around the net today, as you do, on the look out for interesting and unique things to post on my blog when I ended up on a website called Filthy Home. Don’t ask me how I got here, but I want to make it quite clear from the outset that it was by accident and I did not type any dubious terms into Google. Just thought I’d better get that out in the open first as I don’t want any of my readers doubting my integrity.

I must say I was debating whether or not to post this at all as it could be offensive to some people of a more conservative nature, but after some consideration I thought ‘What the heck, life’s too short!’ and decided to do it anyway. Oh what a rebel I am! However, in the interest of common decencyI have intentionally made the images quite small so if you do feel you need a closer look, purely for research reasons you understand, then click on the images to be taken direct to the site where you can expand the images and see them in all their shocking glory.

Labia Labyrinth Wallpaper from Filthy Home

Now some of the papers aren’t actually all that rude at all, they just have very insinuatory names. For example, one paper that made me cringe at first is called ‘Shoot your Load’ but on closer inspection I was relieved to see all it shows is a selection of shot guns…silly me, I must have a dirty mind, I thought. So I started to think that perhaps these papers are completely innocent afterall and maybe the idea behind these papers is to make innocent browsers such as myself feel ashamed to be making such assumptions based on a few rude words in the name of the wallpaper. That was until I stumbled across a few of the others, which I must say are a tad more explicit.

Dick Picnic Wallpaper from Filthy Home

Now as much as I am obviously shocked and appalled by this filthy wallpaper, I can’t help but think how funny it would be to put this up in your home and see if any of your friends or family coming to visit actually notice. Some of them would undoubtedly go unnoticed unless you were told the name of the wallpaper but the ‘Dick Picnic‘ and ‘Simple Dick’ can’t really be ignored…can they?

Simple Dick Wallpaper from Filthy Home

Now anyone would think that this wallpaper alone is shocking enough, but Filthy Home doesn’t stop there. Each paper is accompanied by an erotic little story, but that is where I draw the line. If you fancy reading those then you are on your own, I really can’t bring myself to publish those as well.

I would quite like to ask you all what you think of these filthy wallpapers but actually I’m a little afraid of the possible responses. So I will take the wimps way out and use a simple poll to gauge opinion.

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