New Wallpapers from NLXL Lab

Mr & Mrs Vintage Big Pattern Bogor Wallpaper from NLXL

I’ve written about the beautiful and unique designs by the Dutch wallpaper brand NLXL twice before on the blog. The designs are just so eye catching and unlike any other wallpapers on the market that they really do deserve every post I write about them. The latest initiative to come from NLXL is the NLXL Lab. The idea behind this is the fact that not all good wallpaper designs lead to a collection but that does not mean that they shouldn’t see the light of day. So NLXL works with both established and new design talents to create new wallpaper designs that will be added to the collection on a bi-monthly basis. Some of these designs will be produced as a limited edition and others will be distributed worldwide.

We get a lot of requests from designers to work with them. For example Erik Gutter, the Cookie Bros and Thomas Eurling. But also Jeanine Eek Keizer – Piet Hein’s wife – had a very remarkable idea for a Crown Caps wallpaper. Or Piet Hein Eek himself, we talked about a “Black Brick” wallpaper, but it would have been weird to add this idea to the Scrapwood collections. In the near future Piet Boon, Studio Job, Merci and many other designers will follow. Of course we will also continue to release two collections per year under our NLXL brand.

Rick Vintage, NLXL Founder

Cookie Bros Tattoo wallpaper from NLXL

The Tattoo wallpaper is designed by The Cookie Bros. who are also known as Graham and Doug van der Pas. They are a design collective with over 10 years experience working for world renowned design studios such as Marcel Wanders and UXUS Amsterdam among others. The Cookie Bros debut collection was launched at Saloné del Mobile 2013 in Milan and received a tremendous response. Their designs are inspired by what they know and love, fuelled by the culture and lifestyle that personally drive them.

Mr & Mrs Vintage Big Pattern Paola Wallpaper from NLXL

The Big Patterns Editions are designed by Mr & Mrs Vintage, the creative director and president of NLXL. Together they came up with the idea of using original century old pattern designs which they have enlarged beyond normal, creating a very surrealistic vintage wall covering.

Mr & Mrs Vintage Big Pattern Luther Wallpaper from NLXL

The black brick wallpaper is designed by Piet Hein Eek who designed the revolutionary Scrapwood Wallpaper also sold by NLXL.

Piet Hein Eek Black Brick Wallpaper from NLXL

The Crowns Cap wallpaper is designed by Jeanine Eek Keizer, the wife of Piet Hein Eek. Her remarkable design is available in both a black and a white version.

Jeanine Eek Keizer Crown Caps White Wallpaper from NLXL

Jeanine Eek Keizer Crown Caps Black Wallpaper from NLXL

Erik Gutter is the designer behind the Greenhouse wallpaper and since 1994 he has been working as an independent designer, stylist and decorator. He opened his own design studio and interior design shop in 2009. Inspired by his childhood, Erik always applies plants in interiors  and the greenhouse windows on this wallpaper resemble a framework through which you can see the green landscape.

Erik Gutter Greenhouse wallpaper from NLXL

Gradient wallpaper was designed by Dutch product- and interior designer Thomas Eurlings. His work examines the traditional borders between form and function. By using clear, recognizable icons and shapes in his designs he is able to make his work seemingly accessible. But in order to discover their essence, the observer has to take a closer look at the products and use his imagination.

Thomas Eurlings Gradient Wallpaper from NLXL

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