Owl Wallpaper by Abigail Edwards

Briar Owl Wallpaper by Abigail Edwards

In my continuing search for ever more beautiful wallpapers, this collection by Abigail Edwards has to be one of my all-time favourites.

Abigail began her career studying fine art at Wimbledon School of Art in London and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, but it was whilst completing internships at art galleries in New York that a passion for interiors took over and she returned to London in 1999 to style shoots for magazines.

With a love of texture and simplicity Abigail now styles, art directs and consults for a diverse range of editorial and commercial clients as well as designing residential interior schemes and creative workspaces.

She has recently designed her first hand-drawn wallpaper collection inspired by owls.

Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper by Abigail Edwards

Owls of the British Isles is a graphic design featuring 10 different owls: the barn owl, eagle owl, hawk owl, snowy owl, Tengmalm’s owl, scops owl, little owl, short-eared owl, long-eared owl and tawny owl.

Abigail is donating five percent of her profits from this wallpaper to The Barn Owl Centre (barnowl.co.uk) to advance the conservation of the barn owl and other species of owl.

Briar Owl Wallpaper in gold by Abigail Edwards

Briar Owl is inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty with guardian Snowy Owls nestled amongst the tangled briars protecting the sleeping princess.

All of Abigail’s wallpaper designs are hand-drawn and then printed in Lancashire at one of the few remaining traditional UK wallpaper printers. The designs are printed on ‘paste the wall’ non-woven paper so are easier to hang than traditional wallpapers and the colours are hand mixed using non-toxic water based ink.

Briar Owl Wallpaper in silver by Abigail Edwards

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