Pretty Patterned Wallpaper from Tres Tintas

Missiva wallpaper collection by Tres Tintas

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the weeks fly past. As you guys read this I am currently in Berlin on a little city break with my fabulous husband. It’s the first opportunity we have had to get away since we got married in April so we are very excited and we have some great things planned. I’m hoping to return with some lovely posts that I can share with you about our exploits in Deutschland, but more about that later. Anyway, whilst I am away I didn’t want you all to miss out on your weekly dose of wonderful wallpaper.

This weeks instalment comes from Spanish brand Tres Tintas. Designed by Emiliana Design Studio, the Missiva wallpaper collection is a tribute to the delicate patterns that are often found on the inside of envelopes. These everyday graphics that usually go unnoticed, create very rich visual images once applied to wallpaper. The pretty pastel colours make this wallpaper great for large and small spaces alike as they are not in the slightest overpower as is often the case with some of the brighter and bolder graphic papers. I can imagine using these papers in most rooms in the house and I think that they add a really nice splash of colour and graphic interest in a really subtle way. What do you think?

Rain Leaves wallpaper by Tres Tintas

Forest  wall mural by Tres Tintas

Collage wall mural by Tres Tintas

Forest wallpaper by Tres Tintas

Button wallpaper by Tres Tintas

Collage wallpaper by Tres Tintas

Confetti wallpaper by Tres Tintas

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