8 Reasons to Choose Faux Wood Shutters

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Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutter in white_living room_grey sofa

For me personally, window dressings are one of the hardest parts of interiors to get right. That and lighting. And when you think about it, the two are really closely related, after all it’s the windows that let all the light in to a room. The problem with window dressings is that there aren’t really any hard and fast guidelines concerning what will work best. It really depends on what you want the window dressing to achieve as well as how you want it to look. It’s worth giving these two questions some serious consideration though as a window dressing can make or break the look of a room.

Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutter in white_lounge

Are the window dressings just for show or do they also need to be functional? Should they help to improve the heat insulation of your home? Do you need them to provide more privacy? Should they help with light control? Do you need them to reduce glare? Think about what you need your window dressing to do before you decide what to go for.

It’s also no good just thinking about your personal design style when it comes to the look you’re going for. Windows come in all different shapes and sizes so you also need to consider the style of the windows that you have in your property. Are they sash windows, bay windows, casement windows, tilt and turn windows, roof windows, skylights, Crittall windows or even sliding doors? Different types of windows will certainly require different solutions.

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You should also consider which rooms in the house your window dressings are destined for and how that will affect your choices. For example, bathrooms and kitchens are prone to a lot more moisture than other rooms in the house so this may rule out certain kinds of window dressings. Roof lights may be used to let in as much light as possible so you won’t want anything too heavy that could block out the light. Large windows may lead out to a magnificent view so it’s important to choose a window dressing that can be pulled back or up to reveal the view when necessary.

Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutter in White_kitchen_black wall

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about window dressings since moving into our flat and what I’d really like is shutters. I’ve come to the conclusion that not only do they look great, but they are perhaps the most versatile of all the window dressing options and have so many benefits. The shutters featured in this post are all from Luxaflex. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shutters in more detail, shall we?

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1. Durable and long lasting

Shutters are extremely durable and long lasting. They are made from good quality, hard-wearing materials that will stand the test of time. They are permanent fixtures, unlike blinds, so they are less likely to break due to the constant use. They are also more stable when the windows are open and won’t move or rattle like blinds tend to.

Faux wood shutters are an excellent choice when you need  a solution that can resist the damaging effects of moisture. They are perfect for wet or humid environments like kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.

2. Add value to your home

Shutters are a great way to add value to your home as they are considered part of the fixtures and fittings that come with the house. Adding custom shutters is therefore a home improvement that will not only attract buyers, but that will often increase the resale value. Good quality shutters add timeless elegance and they definitely help add to the curb appeal of a property.

Faux wood shutters are particularly attractive to buyers as they require very little maintenance and are extremely easy to clean.

Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutter Angled_lounge

3. Flexible control of privacy and light

Window shutters are extremely flexible when it comes to the varying levels of privacy and light control that they offer. The different styles that are available will meet different needs. Full height shutters for example provide maximum privacy and light control, whereas tier-on-tier shutters allow you to open up the top and bottom part of the window independently or together as required.

Cafe style shutters cover only the bottom section of the window and leave the top part uncovered. Solid shutters, on the other hand, have no louvres or slats and are made of solid panels of wood. They are great for insulation and blocking out light.

4. Energy efficiency

Shutters help to reduce utility bills by providing extra insulation between the interior of the room and the glass. This means that they are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heat loss and controlling heat gain. Shutters are ideal for keeping homes warm in winter and cool in summer.

As an added bonus faux wood shutters actually insulate even better than wooden shutters, even though they cost less.

5. Noise reduction

Shutters are a really effective way to help reduce noise pollution that may enter your home. They help to create a barrier across the window that absorbs a lot of the noise. This is particularly helpful if you live near a busy road or in an area that is affected by the noise emanating from entertainment venues for example.

Luxaflex Faux Wood Shutter_Angled_bedroom_blue walls

6. Great for unusual shaped windows

In properties that have unusual shaped windows like arches, trapezoids, or even triangular windows, finding a suitable window dressing can be a bit of an issue. But faux wooden shutters can be made bespoke for your window. They are a great solution for bay windows for example, which can be a bit of a decorative challenge.

7. Easy Maintenance

Faux wood shutters combine the traditional warmth and beauty of natural wood with the practical advantages of high–tech materials and intelligent design. Made from an advanced, solid-core composite material, they have a special finish that stands up to moisture, heat, and ultraviolet rays without fading, denting, warping or chipping. This also makes them easier to clean than wooden shutters.

8. Child-friendly

One of the main concerns with other types of window dressing is the safety of children. Hanging cords or chains found on many types of blinds can prove to be a real hazard to small children. Shutters don’t have any cords and the slats are simply moved by hand making them much safer for children to operate if indeed they can even reach.

So there you have it. Eight benefits offered by faux wood shutters. What do you think? Would you opt for faux wood shutters in your home? Or have you already had some installed? If so what do you think? I’m seriously tempted myself.

8 reasons to choose faux wood shutters


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