Transform Your Home with Thermal Curtains: 4 Benefits You Can’t Ignore!

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We may be heading towards summer here in the UK but the question of the ongoing global energy crisis is still looming large over our finances. We simply have to come to terms with changing our behaviour and how we live to become more mindful of our energy consumption at home and the associated costs. The cost of living crisis is putting severe pressure on many household budgets right now, but even if this resolves itself in the future, there are still environmental concerns regarding our energy usage so this problem isn’t going anywhere.

As homeowners and citizens, we must look for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Some of these solutions may prove expensive in the short term, only providing a return on our initial investment over time. However, there are lots of small, inexpensive changes that we can make right now that will allow us to better manage our energy use and save us money now and in the future.

Take for example thermal curtains. Swapping out regular curtains for thermal curtains is a very quick and easy way to help make our homes more energy efficient. In this post, I have collaborated with The Mill Shop to share with you some of the benefits of high-quality thermal curtains. These benefits actually go above and beyond energy saving so they are definitely worth considering.

Benefits of Thermal Curtains

1. Temperature Regulation

If your home is prone to draughts, thermal curtains work by acting as a blocker to cold air, insulating your home and keeping you warm by reducing heat loss by as much as 25% during the colder months. If you have an external front door that leads straight into your living room it is recommended to fit thermal
curtains to keep heat in your home and cooler air out.

On the flip side, white-lined curtains are a great way to keep your home cooler during the summer. If kept closed they can reduce heat in your home by up to 33% by reflecting solar radiation. This reduces the need for fans which take extra energy in the summer months.

When choosing the colour of your curtains, it is also a good idea to take into consideration whether your home is prone to being too hot or too cold. Darker curtains will help to retain more heat, whilst lighter curtains will keep your home cooler during the summer months.

By choosing thermal curtains you can reduce the amount of heat loss and gain through the windows, therefore reducing the energy required to both heat and cool your home. This means that not as much energy is required to maintain comfortable temperatures at home therefore also saving money on heating bills.

2. Reduce Condensation

Condensation is a problem in many homes and can be a difficult issue to resolve. It happens when warm or hot air in a room comes into contact with the colder surface of the window and releases the water vapour it holds onto the windows as water droplets. This condensation can then lead to other problems such as mould.

While regular curtains can exacerbate the problem by trapping warm air against the windows, thermal curtains are actually designed to help to reduce condensation on the inside of your windows by creating a dead-air space between the window and the room.

3. UV Protection

Thermal curtains also help to protect against UV damage to flooring and furniture. Fading and discolouration can often be a problem due to strong UV rays in the sunlight that enters through windows leading to costly damage. Thermal curtains can be a great way to block UV rays.

Benefits of thermal curtains include the many layers that keep heat in and out, reduce noise and block UV rays

4. Noise Reduction

Thermal curtains often consist of many layers and are interlined with a thick padded lining. This means that they are also really good for reducing noise at home. The extra layers can absorb sound waves reducing external noise.

How to Hang Thermal Curtains

These benefits are definitely worth considering given the accessible price point of thermal curtains. In order to get the most value from them, it is recommended to hang them several inches above the top of your window and well past the windowsill. You can also ensure the curtains fit snugly to the window frame by using magnets or velcro, this will really help to stop draughts coming into your room and save you money in the long run.

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