The Art of Cooking

Campbell's soup can range hood
Campbell’s soup can range hood

Earlier this year, US-based Metallo Arts came up with a new take on ventilation style in the form of four works of art that also happen to be working range hoods.

Christopher Plummer, Metallo Arts‘ CEO, has used his training as a fine artist to push a vision of interior design that is driven as much by the kind of social critique found in modern art as it is by the comfort of style.

Plummer described the Campbell’s Soup Can hood as both “a tribute and an insult” to Andy Warhol’s work. Other designs include a replica of a ’57 Chevy Bel Air, rangehoods based on ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli, and Jasper John’s controversial 1955 ‘Flag’ painting, and a Jackson Pollack-inspired hood.

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  • Just FYI: Metallo Arts is apparently out of business. If you go to their website, it takes you to Christopher’s new website, yet despite the business being listed in SC, the phone # is the old Metalloarts # in PA which he is apparently forwarding to SC. Since Metallo Arts owes me a hood or my $3700 deposit back, (that my designer sent them in August) I contacted the SC Dept. of Business & his business does not exist there. So he’s either operating illegally out of SC or doesn’t have a business there at all.

    After our police department did some digging (in conjunction with the PA State Police), we found that Mr. Plummer has quite a colorful history and we currently have criminal charges filed against him for theft. And guess what?! Mr. Plummer is not a stranger to our legal system.

    So be VERY careful if you choose to deal with Metallo Arts, Valley Tin Works, CliP Designs or whatever the heck he’s calling it this month. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.