Badkamer sliding bathroom

Badkamer sliding bathroom

Badkamer sliding bathroom

The idea behind the Badkamer [Dutch for ‘bathroom’] is basically a sliding system that enables the user to make the most out of even the smallest bathroom space to create a fully functioning bathroom in a space no larger than 2m x 1m.

By sliding elements to the side a space for showering can be created, and by sliding the cabinets against each other, you prevent your appliances from getting wet. The shower features a large water surface and a 20cm-wide waterfall. Both the shower and the washbasin are operated with natural interaction fixtures. To set the volume you rotate it round it axe, and move it left or right for water temperature settings.

The toilet has a side cabinet which contains the paper-holder. Sliding the cabinet towards the toilet prevents it from getting wet while the shower is in use.


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