Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

Disclosure: I was gifted this artwork by AttikoArt.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

You’re probably going to think I’m obsessed with artwork after reading a few arty posts here recently and in fairness you’re probably not far wrong. I spent so many years not having the confidence to buy artwork for our home or to hang it, that now I’ve conquered my fear of getting it wrong our home is full of lovely pieces. The latest addition to our home is this gorgeous piece of abstract art from AttikoArt. I’ve wanted something like this for quite a while and I found myself pinning similar pieces to my Inspirational Artwork board on Pinterest.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

We had blank space on the wall directly opposite the door into the bedroom so this was prime real estate and was crying out for a stunning piece of statement artwork. I was planning to buy something to go in this space as part of our unbelievably overdue bedroom makeover. But once again the universe must have read my mind and provided just what I needed. The lovely ladies from AttikoArt got in touch to see if I’d like to work with them and the minute I saw their beautiful art I was smitten.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

AttikoArt is a British design duo who create abstract art prints. The mother & daughter team design all the pieces in house, and then print them exclusively to order using a traditional, high-grade giclee printing method. What I really love about their process though, and what really sets AttikoArt apart from other artists I’ve come across, is the fact that they transfer their original artwork to print, and in doing so they are able to produce custom variations. So buying a piece of artwork from AttikoArt gives you the luxury of selecting from a range of different sizes and endless colour combinations to suit your personal interior design needs.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

Their philosophy really resonated with me as I felt they truly understood why some people, myself included, get so completely overwhelmed when trying to find artwork for their home.

We’re big believers in the “one size does not fit all” philosophy, and we think this is particularly true of artwork. Art bought for interior design has to, firstly, appeal to the person choosing it, but secondly, it has to compliment the room! This means that it’s not just about sourcing a piece that you love, but also one that’s in the right size, and in the right colours. This can be extremely daunting to find, and in our humble opinion, one of the reasons why art is pushed to the sidelines by so many.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

Michelle, an award-winning fine artist, and Melissa, an interior and graphic designer, combined their skills in order to help people find art work that they love, but that also works in their home. Their shop features prints that are available in 3-4 standard colourways and 3 standard sizes. However, if you see a design that you really like but want it in a different colourway, you can pay a little extra and use their bespoke colour edit service. For just £75 extra AttikoArt will work with your colour swatches to create a piece that is bespoke for your home.

AttikoArt - Affordable Art Prints made from Original Paintings

When trying to decide what piece I would choose for our bedroom, I immediately settled on a canvas print in an elegant floating frame. As soon as I spotted the Indigo Polo design I knew this was the perfect piece for our bedroom. I loved the design and the colours were almost spot on. We have two walls painted dark blue and two walls painted in the shade you can see in the photos.

For our bedroom makeover, I’m planning to bring in some blush pink in the form of bedding and maybe cushions, or perhaps even a new blush pink bed. We sooooooo need a new bed! I’m also going to bring in more copper. I know it’s all about brass now but I still love the warmth of copper and think it works so well with navy and blush pink.

AttikoArt Bespoke Colour Edit

So,the colours in the Indigo Polo design were almost perfect, but I did ask if it was possible to give the gold more of a copper tone instead and asked Melissa if she could suggest further changes. Melissa had no problems meeting my request and sent over a couple of variations for me to look at.

As you can see above, the far left image is the original Indigo Polo. The second image is slightly more coppery and has slightly more pink in it. In the third image there is even more blush and the blue is a tad more intense and the fourth image features a lot more pink. I ended up going for option two as I didn’t want it to be overly pink.

Attiko Art Mock ups

As part of the service, you can send AttikoArt a photograph of the space that the artwork will hang in. They then use this photograph to make a mock up of what the artwork will look like in situ. This can help to get a better sense of size, proportion and position. I found this so helpful. I really struggle to visualise how a space will look, so having a mock-up like this really helps to take the uncertainty away.

I mentioned to Melissa that I’m planning to buy a copper shelving unit that will also go on this wall and sent her links to the two that I’m considering. When I received the mock-ups back Melissa had even photo-shopped the shelves into position so I could see what I would end up with. For me that was above and beyond! It also helped me realise that one shelf is probably too big for that space and the other shelf is perhaps too small. This is why I decided to hang the artwork landscape instead and make it the focal point. I think it looks much better this way, don’t you?

The Dashing Gent Reed Diffuser from Chase & Wonder

I’d also like to mention the beautiful reed diffuser that I’ve also featured here. I’ve written before how I’m not a big fan of candles, but I do like having something that smells nice at home. I’d never tried a reed diffuser before but I was very eager to try one out. This one was sent to me to try out by Chase and Wonder and the scent is just divine.

I’m not a big fan of overly floral smells and I tend prefer something a bit more masculine. This particular reed diffuser is Dashing Gent which has aromas of spices, leather, patchouli, moss and tobacco. It is supposed to evoke the cultured charm and refined manners of an impeccably groomed gentleman. And it really does.

The Dashing Gent Reed Diffuser from Chase & Wonder

I’ve been really impressed with how delicious it smells and also how pungent it is. I suppose I was comparing the reed diffuser to scented candles but obviously candles only really smell when you burn them, whereas the diffuser smells gorgeous all the time. The smell will apparently last 3-4 months and I’m already considering getting another one for the livingroom.

So, what do you guys think of this little corner of my bedroom? And more importantly what do you think of my new artwork from AttikoArt? Are you a fan of abstract art? Would you find the bespoke colour edit option useful? I’d love to hear about your experiences of choosing artwork for your home so do drop me a comment below.

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