Creating Privacy with Decorative Window Film

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Decorative Window Film -The Window Film Company - Mini Moderns - Whitby
Mini Moderns – Whitby

As you all know I’m on a mission to find a solution for the windows at the front of my home. They look out onto a road and there are houses directly opposite, so privacy is a slight issue. You can’t really see into our home that clearly but I still feel slightly uncomfortable getting dressed in the bedroom with the blinds open just in case. So I always end up closing the blinds and getting dressed in the dark, which is not exactly ideal if you like to see what you’re doing.

Decorative Window Film - MissPrint - Chevrons -The Window Film Company
MissPrint – Chevrons

I’ve explained before that the living room has vertical blinds which I’m desperate to replace. The issue here is that the living room faces north and we have painted it dark green so we really need to retain as much light as possible whilst still creating a sense of privacy. I’m currently trying to decide between shutters, wooden Venetian blinds or Roman blinds. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but alone I don’t think any of these window treatments will tick all our boxes. To create privacy we would need to shut them, at least partially, and we would therefore lose a lot of light.

Decorative Window Film - Dechado White Printed Film - The Window Film Company
Dechado White Printed Film

So I’ve been thinking that perhaps we need to find another solution for creating privacy and I’ve started looking at decorative window film as this would allow us to keep the blinds completely open, let in as much light as possible but still obscure the view into our home. To be honest I wasn’t expecting the offering to be all that exciting. I imagined some rather dull patterns that you might expect to find on a frosted bathroom window. But I have to say, I was blown away by some of the designs on offer.

Decorative Window Film -The Window Film Company - FB102
Frostbrite FB102

The Window Film Company in particular has an amazing selection of decorative window film for residential properties. From solar films, specialist UV films, safety and security films, to privacy films and frosted films, the range is extremely extensive. The various types of window films allow home owners to solve a multitude of problems and not just privacy.

In some homes, the windows can contribute to excessive temperature rises. In conservatories where there is a lot of glazing, for example, it may be necessary to install solar control films in order to prevent the room from getting too hot. Likewise, in rooms that are flooded with sunlight, this can lead to the fading of furniture and flooring so UV film can help to minimise this. Solar control window film can also help to reduce glare, which is particularly useful if the sun makes it difficult to see televisions or computer screens.

Decorative Window Film -White Printed - Cactus - The Window Film Company
White Printed Cactus

Safety can also be a consideration, especially for those with pets or children. Safety or security film can help to strengthen glass and make it more resistant to breaking and therefore provide peace of mind.

However, privacy is probably the most common problem in residential homes. Being overlooked by neighbouring properties, having windows right out onto the road, like I do, or even having windows that look out onto an unsavoury view like a brick wall, may lead you to look for ways to obscure the view and enhance your privacy. Decorative window film can provide the perfect solution.

Decorative Window Film -The Window Film Company - FB041
Frostbrite FB041

And thanks to companies like The Window Film Company, you can now add privacy and style to your windows. For a while now, The Window Film Company has embarked on a number of high profile exclusive designer collaborations creating bold designs that offer a refreshing twist on modern design.

Decorative Window Film - Lindsey Lang - Geode -The Window Film Company
Lindsey Lang – Geode

There are currently nine exciting partnerships with the likes of MissPrint, Layla Faye, Mini Moderns, Kate Farley, Lindsey Lang, Jane Foster, JoJo CoCo Design, Hannah Nunn and Charlene Mullen. For someone like me who loves design, these designer collaborations are really appealing. I’ve featured four of these designers on the blog previously so it stands to reason I would be a fan of seeing their pattern designs transferred onto window film.

Decorative Window Film - Flamenco White Printed Design from £30 - The Window Film Company
Flamenco White Printed Design

The unique styles on offer mean that there is sure to be something to suit every taste and scheme. From bold linear patterns to playful floral themes, the collections encompass a huge range of design inspirations, allowing you to add genuine designer style to your glass wherever it may be. The difficult part is deciding which design to go for. I’ll leave you to think about that for a moment while I show you a few more beautiful designs below.

Decorative Window Film - FB083 - The Window Film Company
Frostbrite FB083
Decorative Window Film - FB021 - The Window Film Company
Frostbrite FB021
Decorative Window Film - Alphabeto White Printed Film - The Window Film Company
Alfabeto White Printed Film

So what do you think? Did you know that you could get designer window film for your home? Would you consider installing any of these in your home? If you have a favourite design please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to get your feedback on this decorative window film. And don’t forget to pin this post for later.

How to make a statement and create privacy with decorative window film

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