Collection 2 Wallpapers by MissPrint

Garden City Wallpaper in Bustle by MissPrint
Garden City Wallpaper in Bustle

We’re halfway through the week thankfully, not that I’m wishing the week away of course but I just love waking up on Wednesdays knowing that the weekend is almost here and that we can all celebrate a joyous wallpaper together here. This week I have chosen to present you a stunning new collection by MissPrint. The collection was launched at Decorex in September it was one of my favourite stands at the show.

The family business is run by mother and daughter team Yvonne & Rebecca Drury who pride themselves on contemporary timeless design, quality and craftsmanship. Collection 2 presents new designs in MissPrint’s signature style and in new colourways. What is also great about MissPrint is that all the products are made in England in the most eco-friendly way. The complete range is PEFC certified and the paper comes from sustainable forests. Even the ink used to print the papers is made from organic pigment that is non-toxic and free from heavy metals. I love these papers and think they would make a really striking feature wall. They would look stunning in  mid-century modern inspired interior, wouldn’t you agree?

Wallpaper by MissPrint
Pebbles Wallpaper by MissPrint
Pebbles Wallpaper
Nectar Wallpaper by MissPrint
Nectar Wallpaper
Mountains Sunrise by MissPrint
Mountains Sunrise Wallpaper
Rolls of Wallpaper by MissPrint
Rolls of Wallpaper
Little Trees Wallpaper by MissPrint
Little Trees Wallpaper
Grasslands Wallpaper in Clover by MissPrint
Grasslands Wallpaper in Clover
Garden City Wallpaper by MissPrint
Garden City Wallpaper
Dew Drops wallpaper by MissPrint
Dew Drops wallpaper
Grasslands Wallpaper by MissPrint
Grasslands Wallpaper

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