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Mleko Yummy Tea fine art giclee print

Today I am extremely happy to announce that another great designer has joined the Design Sheppard Shop! Hurrah!! I’d like you all to welcome Mleko to the party. Mleko is a fresh and exciting interior and gift label offering contemporary, graphic art prints directly from the artist. The venture was set up by Ania Newland, a Polish-born designer/maker, whose love of bespoke items and graphics inspired her to set up shop.

Ania Newland of Mleko

Ania says she has always loved arts, doodling and anything crafty but her adventure with design started completely by chance. One day, she stumbled upon a vector programme and loved it so much that a few months later, she ended up investing in professional Illustrating software and technology. After a couple of years of this whirlwind romance with Adobe Illustrator and a scrapbook, as well as various graphic design courses, the idea to open Mleko began to take shape.

Mleko Lol fine art giclee print

So what is Mleko all about? According to Ania: “Mleko art prints are all about boldness, fun, colour and happiness. The inspiration for the designs comes from a variety of sources from naïve/folk art and Scandinavian design through to Bauhaus, animals and daily life. The store aims to bring a splash of cheerfulness, energy and individuality into people’s homes.”

Mleko Make you Happy fine art giclee print

I first became aware of Mleko by accident on Twitter (don’t you just love the power of Twitter to connect people?) when I happened upon a conversation between Ania and someone I follow. I clicked on the website link and was immediately besotted with Ania’s work. As I explained last week, art is a very personal thing and I’m extremely hard to please, so I was very surprised to find so many prints I loved and would gladly hang on my own walls. I knew from that moment that I had to invite Mleko into my shop. And thankfully Ania accepted!

Mleko Never Too Late fine art giclee print

Mleko Vividity fine art giclee print

Mleko In the Forest fine art giclee print

Mleko My Perspective fine art giclee print


Mleko Furniture Family fine art giclee print

Mleko Rectangles fine art giclee print

So why don’t you pop on over to the shop and take a look. All Mleko fine art prints are made to order and are professionally produced on a museum grade, 100% cotton paper using the giclée printing technique. Giclée prints are extremely durable and if appropriately cared for, can last a lifetime.


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  • Love these! I’m especially loving the abstract one with the black background. Hopefully a print that big isn’t terribly expensive…