How To Do A Quick & Easy Bathroom Refresh

Disclosure: I was gifted these products by Sorema.

Small Bathroom

As you all probably know by now, we recently completed our small bathroom renovation and I have never been happier. However, as I mentioned in my initial post, I was a little torn when it came to choosing a colour scheme for the accessories.

At first, I opted for blue as it is my all time favourite colour and extremely classy. But I had a really hard time finding accessories in blue that weren’t really plain and dull. I looked high and low, using all my internet scouring skills but alas, nothing met my high standards. I have to say that shower curtains are BORING. It is so hard to find a designy-type shower curtain. Why don’t more design brands do shower curtains? Why don’t more surface pattern designers branch into shower curtains? I just don’t understand. There is a huge gap in the market here. But I digress.

So my search for blue bathroom accessories was unsuccessful and I ended up opting for grey and yellow, which you can see in my bathroom reveal post. I did, however, find a gorgeous blue electric shower, which I just had to have. And because of this, I couldn’t stop thinking about a blue bathroom scheme. How nice would it be to have a second set of bathroom accessories in a completely different colour scheme that would allow me to change the whole look of my bathroom in no time at all and with absolutely no effort?

Small Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from Sorema

So when I was introduced to Portugese brands Sorema and Graccioza, I was extremely happy to have finally found a company that understood the boring nature of shower curtains and had decided to take on the challenge. Hurrah!! It was actually a really difficult choice trying to find my new look for my bathroom refresh. They have so many great options that would allow me to radically change the look of my bathroom.

But in the end, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the blue so I opted for the Indigo range from Sorema. And I absolutely love it. It has transformed my bathroom from the cool geometric haven that it was to a much more energetic and vibrant space. I honestly can’t believe how different it looks just by changing out the accessories.

Small Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from Sorema

I’m so pleased that I opted for white tiles from British Ceramic Tile’s Form & Function range in the bathroom as it means that I am free to choose whatever colour accessories I want in there now and I can change the whole look of the bathroom so quickly and easily. But this Indigo collection will be staying put for quite some time. It looks absolutely fab, don’t you think?

The towels are so soft and fluffy (I recommend washing them a couple of times before you use them to prevent the fluff coming off all over you when you dry yourself. I’m speaking from experience here) and my husband was so happy when he spotted the little hooks that allow you to hang them up. Our other towels are forever falling off the hanger on the back of the door and it drives us batty. But these towels are designed for hanging and it is such a nice little extra.

Small Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from Sorema

Another thing I really liked is the mini towels that you can get that are 30cms x 50cms. They make perfect little hand towels or over-sized flannels for the kids to use in the bath. The range also includes matching soap dispenser, soap dish and beaker, sadly no toilet brush holder though. We didn’t get the matching bath mat as it was far too big for our tiny bathroom and we would not have been able to open the bathroom door without it getting all crumpled up. Luckily though we found a wonderful cork bathmat that was the perfect size and it is a really great addition to our bathroom.

Small Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from Sorema

Below are a few close-ups of the products and I think you’ll agree that they look really great.

Small Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from SoremaSmall Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from SoremaSmall Bathroom refresh using Indigo Blue accessories from SoremaAs Sorema is a Portuguese brand I was a little worried about its availability in the UK but there are quite a few stockists already including Achica, Amara, Chattels, Christabel’s Linens, Dormitory, Wayfair and QVC UK. So they should be reasonably easy to get your hands on if you’re as impressed as I am. Now I’ll show you a few of the other options that I really liked when I was trying to choose. I think you’ll see why it was such a tough choice. Colour lovers get your bank card ready now!!!

Sorema Art City Life Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Block Bathroom textiles

Sorema Confetti Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Dot Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Shine Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Spray Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Urban Bathroom Textiles

Sorema Zig Zag Bathroom Textiles

So what do you guys think? I think I finally accomplished my mission to source designer shower curtains that are neither dull nor boring. Could you use this quick and easy tactic to give your own bathroom a refreshing makeover?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Sorema kindly supplied the products for the purpose of this refresh on the understanding that if we did not like them we would return them and wouldn’t feature them on the blog. All the opinions in this review are our own and we stress that we only collaborate with brands and companies that we genuinely like and believe that our readers will like too. 

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