Embracing Hygge with the Eve Duvet

Disclosure: the duvet and bedding in this post were gifted by Eve.

Eve Duvet and bedding Days of Hygge

It’s really quite unbelievable but I haven’t actually written a blog post about ‘Hygge‘ yet. Surely, I must be the only blogger who hasn’t? Hygge has been such a massive trend this winter, it’s been everywhere. For those of you who don’t know what the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is, it basically describes a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. (There is a really good explanation of hygge over on Hyggehouse).

There is no direct translation of the word in English, but in essence it can be described as a kind of cosiness that you feel when you are able to take pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things and when you can be free from anything that is deemed to be annoying or emotionally overwhelming. Hygge is taking time to enjoy your hot cup of tea with your feet up. Hygge is snuggling up with your loved ones by candle light. Hygge is sharing your favourite meal with friends. Hyyge is basically anything that makes you feel happy, cosy, contented, warm, safe and comforted.

It sounds lovely doesn’t it? But I think it’s quite a personal thing. What makes one person feel hyggelig might not work for another. So today I want to talk about my idea of hygge and what hygge means to me.

Eve Duvet and bedding #DaysofHygge

I’m sure you’re all aware of the fact that I haven’t actually slept through the night for over three years, right? I mean I’ve mentioned it enough times now. Since having kids, good quality sleep has become something so special and illusive, it’s almost like the holy grail and I sometimes doubt I will ever sleep well again. (Please God, don’t let that be the case…please!)

Another aspect of my life that has been sorely lacking is the Sunday (or any day, hell I’m not picky!) lie-in. Children like to wake up at stupid o’clock, regardless of the day. They don’t seem to have got the memo that Sundays are for long lingering lie-ins, hitting snooze (not that I have an alarm clock anymore…not necessary), snuggling down and staying in bed until you feel like your batteries are fully recharged. Nope, they couldn’t give a damn if my batteries are running on empty. They wake up between 5.30am (on a bad day) and 7.30am (on a good day) and demand food and Cbeebies.

So when I imagine Hygge, it involves a big comfy bed, cosy pyjamas, lots of sleep, snuggling with my husband, a hot cup of tea and warm pastries that are delivered to me in bed, a good book, more sleep, another cup of tea and …and then a bit more sleep before the kids join us for snuggles! That experience would make me feel all of those things I mentioned above: happy, cosy, contented, warm, safe, comforted…and blessed!.

Eve Duvet and bedding #DaysofHygge

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Bedding would obviously play an integral role in this scenario. You would need to have super lovely sheets and duvet cover with a really warm, snuggly, plump duvet. Luckily, eve, one of my favourite sleep brands, launched the new eve duvet and bedding at the end of last year.

The launch was accompanied by their #daysofhygge campaign that aimed to encourage people to embrace winter rather than dread it. Having a wonderfully comfortable and snuggly bed would certainly go a long way towards achieving that in my book. After all, who doesn’t want to hibernate in bed until springtime?

Eve Duvet and bedding #DaysofHygge

The bedding, which is made from 100% cotton is available to buy as single items or you can purchase a set containing two pillow cases, a fitted sheet and a duvet cover. The delicate percale weave ensures that the bedding is refreshingly breathable, preventing you getting too hot and sweaty while you relax in bed.

The eve duvet is the bit I like best though. It comes in a spring/summer 4.5 tog version, which is perfect for warmer months and in an autumn/winter 9 tog option, perfect for colder months. Or alternatively you can buy the all-seasons duvet which includes both duvets, which can be combined to make a 13.5 tog an allseason duvet, ideal for when it gets extra cold. I love this idea as it allows you to really customise your bedding to your needs throughout the year.

Eve Duvet and bedding #DaysofHygge

The eve duvets are made in Denmark and are filled with 90% duck down, which is great for temperature regulation and is a natural insulator. It is also incredibly light so your duvet won’t weigh you down at night. But there is something really quite genius about the eve duvet, at least I think it’s genius. It’s all to do with the concealed corner ties hidden inside the duvet cover and little loops on the duvet. The ties go through the loops on the corners of the duvet to hold the duvets in place and prevent them from moving around inside the cover. You see? Genius!

There is nothing I hate more that the duvet slipping down inside the cover and leaving you with a baggy pocket of empty duvet cover flapping around your face. It infuriates me no end and prevents me from sleeping until I’ve re-positioned the cover, which isn’t always easy. I love this idea.

Eve Duvet and bedding #DaysofHygge

And even if you only buy the all-seasons duvet and not the duvet cover you don’t need to worry. You will be supplied with little toggles that allow you to tie the two duvets together. This brilliant design also allows you to put your duvet inside the cover so much more easily than normal. Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

All in all, I think this is the perfect bedding to create my #daysofhygge dream. Although I will say that I think eve could have made a little bit more of their branding with this one. I’d have liked to see the ties and the loops in yellow as opposed to white and possibly also have the edging of the duvet in yellow too to tie it all together. I think it would look even more awesome with added touches of yellow as this would make it more recognisable as being from eve.

What do you think of the new bedding and duvet? Do you like the idea of the tie and loop system?

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