Biophilic Design: How To Use Organic Shapes in Interiors

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A couple of Pacha lounge chairs by Gubi sit in a loft room full of plants and natural textures. A perfect example of how to use organic shapes in interiors

Pacha Lounge Chair with Armrests by Gubi from Made in Design (affiliate)

There are so many trends at the moment that really speak to me on a deeper level. It’s not just an aesthetic appreciation but a much deeper connection. One of those trends is for organic shapes in interiors which we are currently seeing in the form of curved lines and round shapes. These soft organic shapes add flow, movement and balance to our interiors.

Room set by featuring two curved chairs on a rug with a console table and mirror behind. A great way of including organic shapes in interiors is to paint them on the walls.

Left: Amrita Accent Armchair, Whitewash Boucle By | Right: Isadora Accent Armchair, Whitewash Boucle By (affiliate)

When I first discovered biophilic design a few years ago, I knew immediately that I had finally found my personal design style. When I see interiors pulled together using the principles of biophilic design, I feel a sense of home, a sense of calm and serenity. There is something about interiors that incorporate and are inspired by nature that set my soul on fire.

When it comes to my own home, I have discovered that there is nothing that makes me feel better than bringing natural elements into my space. It makes me feel alive. It’s hard to describe but it is a feeling of wellbeing.

This trend for organic shapes in interiors harps back to biophilic design. There are 14 patterns of biophilic design and one of those is the inclusion of biomorphic forms and patterns. That means including elements that resemble or suggest the forms of living organisms.

There are a number of ways to use organic shapes in your interiors.

Epic coffee table by Gubi available from Made in Design (affiliate)


You could choose furniture that has a more organic shape. For example, try opting for chairs, loveseats or sofas that have rounded corners and soft smooth forms. When it comes to tables, avoid hard angular lines and opt instead for circular and curved pieces or better still, tables with a living edge.


Lighting is quite an easy one to get right. Organic shapes are easy to find in lighting. Choose imperfect forms and anything that features soft rounded curves. Steam bent wood is always a good bet, as is hand-blown glass. As long as it takes inspiration from the shapes found in nature.

Hebe lamp from Amara Living (affiliate)

Wall coverings

An easy way to incorporate organic shapes into a room is to use the walls. Whether you opt to paint organic shapes directly onto the walls or whether you find a wall mural that has the same effect, this is a cheap and easy way to achieve organic shapes in interiors.


It is easy to opt for a circular rug but there are so many unusual-shaped rugs on the market right now that it would be a wasted opportunity to choose something so expected. Instead, hunt out rugs that have more flow and movement in them. Look for ones that are shaped like natural elements such a as bird wing or a pebble or the cross-section of a tree trunk. You can really make a statement with your rugs by including organic shapes in interiors.


When it comes to decorative accessories, you can opt for shapes inspired by nature. Choose pieces shaped like shells, leaves, pebbles, sea creatures or small animals.

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  1. Organic shapes No 1 Poster, Desenio
  2. Philip Center Table, Studiopepe x Essential Home
  3. Hyggen – Agency for Design | Lindform Handmade Petite Vases | Top Drawer
  4. Tree Trunk Silk Rug, Sonya Winner
  5. Calla Lilly Ceramic Vase, Sweetpea & Willow
  6. Reisa Right Hand Facing Chaise End Sofa in Whitewash Boucle, (Affiliate)
  7. Skipper Pendant Light by Tom Raffield, John Lewis & Partners (Affiliate)
  8. Exotic Golden Palm Leaf Floor Lamp, Audenza
  9. Ferm Living Shell Decoration, Rose & Grey
  10. Voltaire Sideboard, Boca do Lobo
The trend for using organic shapes in interiors

So what do you think? Have you felt pulled to include organic shapes in your interior? Let me know in the comments below.

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