Book Review: Hand-Knit Your Home by Melanie Porter

Hand Knit Your Home book by Melanie Porter Front Cover

Central Saint Martins College graduate and international knitting design goddess Melanie Porter is well established in her field, creating fabulous bespoke pieces designed to enrich your home in a gloriously contemporary fashion. But if you’re looking for a way to interpret Melanie’s products with your own personal spin, then look no further.

Knitted Chair from Hand-Knit your Home book by Melanie Porter

Mel’s new book, Hand-Knit Your Home gives us all her tips and tricks to make your home the Etsy oasis you always dreamed of. From selecting the appropriate shades for your pallet, to a comprehensive step-by-step guide to your finished project, Mel takes your hand and escorts you supportively down the road to the finished masterpiece. The book itself is a beautifully-designed and easy-to-read guide for anyone interested in her brand of design and is filled with wonderfully helpful and easy to understand pointers to help you on your way.

Knitted Lampshades from Hand-Knit Your Home book by Melanie Porter

Affectionately admired for her home-crafted, DIY broom handle knitting needles and home-made rope-like wool, Mel has created the latest addition to her work portfolio as a great way of sharing her skills with her hoards of adoring fans, myself included. But fear not. There will be no whittling of comedy knitting needles, there will be no rearing and shearing your own sheep. The book directs you to use widely available craft shop materials to create a marvellous and unique style for your interiors. So, my advice? Gather the girls from your local Stitch ‘N Bitch Group and, with Mel’s loving guidance, yarn bomb your house into a knitted paradise. What are you waiting for?

Heart Cushion from Hand-Knit your Home book by Melanie Porter

To purchase Hand-Knit Your Home simply hover over the image below.

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