Giveaway : A Fully-Fitted Composite Yale Door


When we think about making the most of our homes it is all too easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on what lies inside our four walls. We make a real effort to ensure our rooms are homely, cosy, appealing and express our personality, but we often neglect what goes on on the outside and this is a big mistake. Of vital importance is the front door, as this is the very first thing that people will see when they approach our homes so it’s important that it makes a good impression.

It says a lot about what people can expect of our homes and it speaks volumes about what’s inside and the people that live there. Creating a welcoming entrance to our homes will not only make us feel great about where we live and put a smile on our faces each and every time we come home, but it also gives us something to be proud of when guests come to visit.

It becomes even more important if and when we decide to put our homes on the market. Potential buyers will make a snap judgement about a property before they even step through the door and a neglected, dilapidated or uninviting front door will do little to excite them about what lies within. House hunters want curb appeal and nothing can impact the look of the front of the house like the front door. So it’s vital to get it right!

But if you feel that your front door is letting your home down and you need a refresh then I have the perfect giveaway for you today. Working in collaboration with Yale Door I’m able to give away a brilliant new fully-fitted composite Yale Door to one lucky entrant. They’re super-secure, heavily insulated and full of curb appeal, meaning your front door will not only protect your home, but also give it a stunning new look you can be proud of. The door can be configured to your own specification with a choice of optional extras making it worth in excess of £2000.

All you have to do to enter is use the Rafflecopter widget below and one lucky winner will be selected at random. Don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions. Good luck everyone!
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  • I’d love to win this and give it to my grandparents. It would finish off their beautiful front garden and help keep there heating bill down. What more could you want !

  • ‘Cos we’ve had our front door for years – since we moved in – & it’s looking a bit old and grubby!

  • I’d love a new door so that we feel more secure. It’s still something that needs to be replaced since we bought the house over 3 years ago.

  • My need for a new front door may not be as great as some people’s – but I know if I have had post delivered because my letterbox is stuck in the ‘out’ position and the door lets in howling gales during the winter! I hope that’s good enough, should I be fortunate enough to win! :-)

  • We have just bought our first house and the front door is looking very shabby with some gaps! Would love a new composite door to make our new house look more welcoming and make it feel like home

  • Ours is in need of renewal it sticks all the time and murder to open when your hands are full of shopping :(

  • My house needs a new front door like a man on a desert island needs a shave & a haircut ! Desperately ! Tired & boring & unsafe looking please help !!

  • Because they are so stylish & offer excellent security. Our present front door was badly fitted & has never been easy to close, it would be great to finally have a door that works properly!

  • My concern is not so much the front, but the back door. I dont really trust the lock, it looks old and weathered and I don’t feel very safe with it anymore.

  • Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. My current first impression is…wow this door looks rough

  • I am not happy with our front door – we bought a UPVC one out of necessity when we moved in 17 years ago and have not got around to replacing it. A new door would really enhance the external appearance of our house and I love these doors. Fingers crossed :)

  • We’ve not long put on a new front door, but it was a real compromise. I wanted a composite door that looked fab, but with so many costs mounting up ended up with just an acceptable UPVC number. I’d love a door that real makes a statement.

  • All I want is a lovely warm house filled with lots of warm, love and laughter. At the moment I have a cold drafty door that lets in lots of cold air and chills the hallway and then upstairs to a horrible cold temperature. We have 2 curtains up and the cold still creeps in from all the little gaps and places we thought couldn’t be possible. My house is sad and cold the mood is down and we all want to be is cosy and happy and warm. We want to look good and show the street who has the best door. We want a happy proud house.

  • Hate having to clean my front door, love these doors, have a lovely old fashioned classy appeal, so much nicer than the white UPVC, fingers crossed :)

  • My door doesn’t fit well and you can see light all around the edges. The draughts are pretty severe in Winter!

  • Forgive me if I am a bore
    But let me tell you why I need a door,
    My front door is warped and twisted,
    To open it the kids need to be assisted,
    The cold winds come through it with a blast,
    That’s why my heating bills are vast
    So this is why I would love this Holy Grail
    A new front door from the folks at Yale.

  • I would absolutely love to win a Yale door as I love everything about Yale and the quality they provide. With a wonderful reputation for high quality I know I would never have a problem with my front door again.

    I currently have a wooden door which has swollen and shrunk so many times it’s now split and letting all drafts in making my home cold. In addition to this my children can no longer use this door on their own as it has started to fall apart making it stick. I can’t afford to buy a new one at present due to tax credit overpayment so this win would really help

  • I am in the process of buying a new house and it will be the first time I have ever lived by myself so I would really like to feel that the door is new and very secure so I feel safe at home. It would also be good to feel the house was secure when I wasn’t at home too. I think the door on the house at the moment is the one originally fitted when it was built. Thanks.

  • My house needs a new everything including a new front door. I’d love a yale one for the security, in a cottage style to suit my home – I’m amazed at the range of styles and colours on offer, I thought doors only came in wood or UPVC!

  • I’m desperate for a new door. Living in a area where I don’t feel safe anyway means the security of my home is key.

  • I live in a lovely cottage but you’d never think so from my front door! It completely lets the house (and the street) down being do scruffy and aged. But I lost my job and became a student so I have everything crossed that Yale will say – have this fab new door on us Lisa!

  • Because the door locks have dropped and my hubby cant fix it any more and a new door would be so much safer

  • Our old door lets in a gale and rainwater; it also sticks terribly (which makes it incredibly hard to open and shut).
    I would so love a new door that is secure, weatherproof and also looks super smart!

  • I’m totally in love with these Yale doors. We had even budgeted for a new composite door like this when we had our extension done but as it was scheduled to be done last so that the builders wouldn’t ruin it going in and out the house, it also meant that when things went wrong with the rest of the building work, the building company zapped up the door budget and I got left with the old front door.

    We keep cleaning the driveway of weeds, washing the windows and adding pretty plant pots to tidy up the front of the house and get it looking nice but the problem is the old front door that really let’s the place down.

    We have a stunning extension inside the house and would love a stunning front door to make us proud of our home.

  • Oh my, why isn’t our home in need of a new front door? Well, it’s old, and a bad shade of green, and the lock sticks and doesn’t work fully, plus it’s not very well fitted and I have doubts about how effective it would be if someone were to break in. But mostly we need a new front door because it’s ugly. I’ve even blogged about my need here –

  • We REALLY need a new door because when it rains and lets face it that’s more often than not we have to put newspaper down as it tends to form a small puddle inside the house. Not good! :(

  • Done some much renovation inside that we have ran out of money for outside inc windows and doors, this would be a much welcomed boost to getting the outside start and presentable.

  • You hit the nail on the head – I get so focused on inside the outside suffers…our front door blows open if not locked… paradise for a doggy houdini

  • Would love a new door as ours is more of a yellow off white colour with glazed flowers which are hideous !!

  • Because I need to win back Brownie Points from the other half! Our door was so dilapidated that I decided to try to paint it with pillar box red gloss :/ I’m saying no more-just that we would all massively appreciate it :D
    Good luck everyone :P